We Need to Get the F**k off This Planet

Below is a guest editorial from a Hoboken resident. Interesting perspectives!

We Need to Get the F**k off This Planet

By Project Nowhere

A few months ago, I read an article by renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in which he stated humanity will need to find a new planet within one thousand years in order to survive as a species. Within that time, we will have pillaged every resource, suffocated every tree, polluted every waterway and reduced every tree to ash. We won’t have the luxury of a millennium. I think we really we need to unite as a species and focus our resources on getting the f**k off this planet, and we needed to start it a century ago.

Population control?

people on planet earth overpopulation - We Need to Get the F**k off This PlanetThe real crux of the environmental issue is over-population. I have kids. They will have kids. From me comes at least ten more humans. My grandmother, God rest her soul, is responsible for the lives of over 20 people, kids, and grandkids, who will have kids of their own, and who will buy houses and drive on roads and own hair dryers. Even if you were an environmental superhero and could fix every ecologic destroying trait homo sapiens naturally and inherently exhibit, the only thing you would do would create a better environment for a species that can not and will not live in a symbiotic relationship with its environment, a better place to breed. Make it a more eco-friendly planet and you created an ideal situation for a species to increase exponentially.

I think our ancestors kind of knew the damage we could create. The native Americans made villages we can’t find now because they decomposed. Longhouses made of felled trees and teepees of fully utilized animals went right back into the environment they were harvested from. I have my own theory that sacrificing virgins and human sacrifice by ancient civilizations was an attempt to control the population. Sacrifice one for the “gods” and you’ve conceivably stymied 100 people from every stepping foot on this earth. Less consumption, less impact, and less people.

Big ideas, yet hypocritical actions?

consumption hypocrisy environment - We Need to Get the F**k off This PlanetGranted, I’m writing this from a climate controlled apartment, with all the creature comforts a modern human requires. I’m typing away on a laptop while a big screen TV plays mindless crap I’m not even watching, and I’ll go to the refrigerator in a minute to get a snack I probably won’t finish. And I probably won’t even recycle the container.

I am part of the problem, I fully admit to that. The real issue is that no matter what we do: reduce emissions, shrink our carbon foot print to zero, use solar and wind power – humanity was never designed to be symbiotic with its environment. We are destructive consumers who’s population increases exponentially, and who’s survival depends on bending the natural world to its will. Even at our best, we almost seemed designed for destruction.

You don’t have to look far to see humanity’s impact on the planet. Dangerous smog levels in major cities around the world, ever increasing water levels in coastal communities, mountains of garbage on the outskirts of metropolitan areas. It’s been the warmest winter in forever, high tides in Miami mean flooded streets, half of the polar ice caps have melted away. We’ve put a large number of animals and plants into the extinction category, like an asteroid. There will be an increase in carbon emissions, as well as hotter summers and warmer winters. There will be another “Super Storm” like Hurricane Sandy, and it will saturate Hoboken and all of its illegal basement apartments in the near future. Every eco-friendly, environmentally conscious forbearance will not save us from the damage done. And the current mortality rate of humans just means we get to do more damage and for longer.

Our time is limited on this planet

So, we need to get the fuck off this planet. Currently, there are plans to take a little trip to Mars. Why the hell do we want to go that red, dead planet nearest to us? From a dying planet to a dead one isn’t the brightest idea we’ve had as a people. Mars will not save us. You don’t have to be a scientist to know there’s not a damn thing to sustain an individual, let alone a small colony on that rusted desert. We could send people on their one-way suicide mission to Mars, let them do their dumb experiments, send their information back every 30 days, and realize it was a giant waste of time and money, not to mention human life. We need to go deep space, we need to go to those sweet spot earth like planets that and light years away.

So the real hurdle is deep space travel. That’s next to impossible with the current technology. There’s solar sails and Reactionless Drives, and with computing power hurdling towards Artificial Intelligence, it’s quite possible we may find a way to carry our doomed species out of this world and onto greener pastures of Proxima B. Even the Sci-Fi cryo-sleep may become a reality. But if we were to keep dedicating the intellectual resources into landing humans on Mars, we will never get there. And when we get there, we still have so much to do to turn a planet into a home. It will take hundreds if not thousands of years to make any habitable planet a place that homo sapiens can thrive enough to build a Starbucks. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, we head further down the rabbit hole of doom.

Robots and aliens saving planet Earth?

stephen hawking - We Need to Get the F**k off This PlanetWith any luck – considering what the population will undoubtedly be by then, and the absolute rape of the Earth we will have achieved by then – Artificially Intelligent robots we created to improve our lives (read: do everything for our lazy asses) have enslaved us by then, and either turned us into batteries a la The Matrix or started a war a la Galactica (and many others, I know Geeks).

Hopefully, some alien life that’s more intelligent than us has made contact and either enslaved us as well or eradicated us.

Or maybe they were kind and said, “Uh, you guys need to get the fuck off this dying rock.” Or, even luckier, a life-ending asteroid takes us into oblivion. Let’s assume we will be left to our own shitty back-water devices and we’ll have to get off this planet ourselves. We don’t have a thousand years, we probably don’t even have a few hundred. Hawking may have been good at proving anomalies in the universe, but he really doesn’t have the right math on humanity’s forward thinking destructive mindset. We need to find a new planet to destroy, and then a new one after that. And so on and so forth.

411 Note: Good food for thought. However, we’re not firm believers in the environmental scare tactics. There is probably room for 50 billion people on this planet – or more. You can fit everyone in America inside of Texas – and give every single man, woman and child half an acre of land for themselves! And if Texas was laid out like Hoboken – 14 billion people would fit inside! Think about it!

And we’re not so sure man-made anything (pollution) can be blamed for any kind of climate change. What IS man-made that is bad are densely populated urban centers and mass-produced food (as well as the political and financial systems). I could go on – but over-population is an interesting topic – because it also plays into territorial dominance and religion. While “advanced” countries like many European nations (with USA not far behind) the birth rates are staggeringly low – and in some instances will guarantee those countries will be GONE in less than 50 years. Meanwhile, other demographics are having 8 children – which will present much bigger problems down the line rather than food and weather. Just saying!

evacuating planet earth - We Need to Get the F**k off This Planet

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:02 am

Right there with you. Our evolution and technology are both the problem and the solution. A quagmire that has no end. IT will continue until it physically cannot. At that point it will be too late.

The real honest fixes are those that they tried in Japan (or China, I can’t remember), but limiting offspring for everyone. But that is hard to control.

One group trying to control another rarely, if ever, works long term.

So enjoy the ride!

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