Facebook isn’t free

Facebook isn’t free

Something to think about as you swipe, like and add photos and data that make you more of a product and dollar sign than a human being.

facebook isn't free

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Monday, February 27, 2017 10:51 am

This “surveillance” is truly scary, but one thing I do to make it less horrifying is when I have some free time I “shop” for products that I have no interest in, that I will never buy, like a tractor, or chainsaw, or hair “product”, etc. Eventually, if enough of us do that randomly, it ought to devalue the portfolio Google has assembled about us. I do wonder how effective the “private browsing” is in fighting against this – for instance, if I private browse in Safari, I would hope Google cannot get the information, but I am pretty sure if I “private” browse in Chrome, Google is recording every step . . . The other thing is, I am pretty skeptical that a “paying” internet would be any better – we’d pay our “$12” and they’d still monetize the bejesus out of our every move, because it is possible, and there i s money in it.

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