Roommates and Trump

Weak roommates hate Trump!

Some story on the Crap News Network recently showed how weakling apartment dwellers who need roommates to pay the rent also request that they are not Trump supporters, or in some cases full-blown Trump haters!

What a bunch of dumb-ass wusses!

For one, you’ve already eliminated half of the people willing to room with these jelly-spined snowflakes.

Two, once they do find a perfect political match for their vacant room – the odds of them being good at paying the rent on time also goes down. As we know, SJW’s aren’t really good at paying for things.

Who knows, those ads may very well be a lame attempt at trying to paint a false reality of the world (just like the Hillary 95% chance to win mockery).

roommates no trump supporters - Roommates and Trump

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 8:46 am

Why don’t the ads say “refugees welcome” or “oppressed immigrants encouraged to apply”?

In fact they can display their leftist bona-fides and fealty to the globalist order and offer to subsidize living costs (and send daddy the bill), and say they won’t have a problem when the new roommate invites a few of his unproductive relatives to stay. “Don’t worry there’s room and food for everyone…like I said, my dad, that racist jerk, is paying. But can you please lower your voices and turn down the TV, it’s 3am.”

Yeah that will happen. Uh huh.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:44 am

Those CNN ad excerpts are hilarious – a “top-of-notch person”? And the bottom one – looks like someone is looking for a prostitute, but, yeh, those anti-trumpsters are all about empowering women.

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