Historical preservation and parking robots in Hoboken

Historical preservation (and parking robots?)

Control freaks in the Hoboken city administration wring their hands when they have the power to deem what is “acceptable” from a historical perspective. They have (more accurately, you’ve let them have) the “right” to approve or deny physical changes to a property YOU own!

Why that entire life-sucking entity in Hoboken (as well as the rest of the country) hasn’t been eradicated is beyond me.

However, their hypocritical colors come shining through when it comes to revenue generation. Like those asinine parking robots.

Peppered all over “historical” parts of the city. They don’t match the brownstones. They have no character. They’re UGLY. They just feed city coffers, and they have no problem with that.

Kind of goes against historical preservation, doesn’t it?

parking robots historical preservation Hoboken NJ - Historical preservation and parking robots in Hoboken

robotically historical Hoboken - Historical preservation and parking robots in Hoboken

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