Panera Bread doesn’t like Wi-Fi anymore

7/30/2008 Update:

The reader that sent Hoboken411 this letter, also sent it to Panera Bread. Here is their response (no mention of the AC outlets):

Panera responds (sort of)

“I’m happy to write that the Wi-Fi in our Panera Bread Bakery-Cafes is still very much complimentary! No password is required. It’s a point of pride for us that we’re able to continue to offer Free Wi-Fi to all of our guests.

I apologize for any difficulties you had connecting. We do offer a free Wi-Fi Support Helpdesk to our guests as well, and I encourage you to call the toll free number if you ever have any issues in any of our cafes in the future. The Wi-Fi brochures containing the phone number are available in the Bakery-Cafe. Please ask one of our associates to grab one for you.

We appreciate your business and thanks very much for this email.”

Jeffrey M. Dinard III
IT Director
Fenwick Group, LLC dba Panera Bread, LLC Two Tower Center, 14th Floor East Brunswick, NJ 08816


Here’s an interesting “reader mail” segment about how Panera Bread is pretty much leaving customers high and dry on the Wi-Fi forefront….


Many AC outlets removed at Panera

“Has anyone else commented on the newest “updates” at Panera? As a new grad student I took my computer there this week to use the wireless and get some studying done. When I went to sit at one of the small booths in the back to plug in my computer I noticed that they had removed all the outlets and covered them with a silver plate. At first I thought it was just that one but then I noticed all the outlets in the back .were sealed up. I decided to try and last on the battery that I had so I logged onto my computer and then was prompted to enter a password to get onto the network, I remember in the past you were able to just connect directly.

When I inquired the staff was unable to help. I love Panera as a study spot and think the staff there is great (so I am not knocking on that). I am just wondering why the changes?”

What’s up with that? Are energy prices that stiff that the one thing that kept many people coming back to this chain is being “scaled back?”

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[quote comment=”96412″][quote comment=”94702″]DietCokeGal
“…Why the coffee shops and not the library or your apartment?…”

Because they want to be seen studying, working, etc.

No, it’s cuz they want a change of scenery. There are a lot of law students in town studying for the bar exam taking place right now so I suspect they make up a good chunk of the studiers. When you’re pulling 12 hour days of reading that crap, staying inside an apartment or library will drive you crazy. But they should be buying stuff while they’re there.

And I agree with whoever said it, I’ll take studiers over annoying stroller moms & screaming children any day.[/quote]

then they can go to the park and do that.


[quote comment=”96522″]It’s so heartfelt that Katie_Scarlett’s one little mention “Dennys” can bring people together. KS go home, you’ve done your good deed for today. :lol:[/quote]

lol….reuniting NEPA people isn’t necessarily a good deed. all those who complain about drunk actions in hoboken might regret a a bunch of us getting together!


It’s so heartfelt that Katie_Scarlett’s one little mention “Dennys” can bring people together. KS go home, you’ve done your good deed for today. 😆


[quote comment=”96506″]My roomate and his brother grew up in Old Forge. I used to go back with him once in a while. He graduated in 98′ and his brother 94′ from OFHS. Interesting town, great pizza. If I recall, Old Forge is the home of the Blue Devils??[/quote]

yeah. the blue devils suck though. go see the cavaliers of prep. i’m sure your roomate doesn’t like prep. everyone hated us.

in 98, i might have known who he was….if he played any sports.

i’ve seen a few people in town with old forge shirts on. small world. used to see a guy at empire fitness before i swore that place off.


[quote comment=”96501″]Quite a few Valley dwellers in Hoboken. I would move back in a second if anyone was willing to pay a good salary.

We don’t have to deal with the endless douchebaggery like here in Hoboken.[/quote]

damn. i can’t tell you how long i mutter the same words. want to start a business? we can run one of the Convenient Markets in the NEPA area. those guys make bank. what do you do out here? shoot me an email…

i’ve love to chat, i like catching up with people from my area when possible.