Empty lot near Hudson Tea Building


One Hoboken411 reader wonders, with all the parking issues our city has, why don’t they at least figure out a way to make this giant empty lot useful (if not only for a little while?)

What’s the deal with this barren lot?

“I have a question and maybe you know the answer. In a city that has never ending parking shortages, how is it that Hudson Tea has not one but TWO parking lots closed so people can’t use them? I know that they will be building on those sites at some point in the future (don’t get me started how that will destroy a historic view up Washington) but why can’t those lots continue to be used for parking in the meantime?”

(I asked: but it has steel beams already pounded in, etc…)

“There still are about 60 parking spots unused and unobstructed…”

Good question! Why not use it for something beneficial for the short-term?

hoboken hudson tea building parking lot - Empty lot near Hudson Tea Building

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Those are not foundation beams, and yes the liability issues are too much to handle for parking use at this time.


The only cars that have been in that lot this year are unmarked trooper cars which are the gov’s security.


Same reason that the Stevens parking garage and parking lot outside of it can’t be used.


[quote comment=”94366″]The city won’t allow parking in an active construciton site.[/quote]

That’s right. As much as, to the casual observer, it appears to have not much going on, this site has been rezoned as an active construction site (note the foundation beams).

Even if you parked there, there’s a trillion liability problems (like someone drives into one of those beams) and even if they could there’s no way an owner is going to want to deal with the headache of bullsh1t moronic NJ drivers being stupid on his ‘temporary parking lot’.


The city won’t allow parking in an active construciton site.