Parasite SJWs don’t spend money

Parasite SJWs don’t spend money.

By Adam Piggott

It’s common knowledge amongst those of us on the alt right that the Right are the productive members of society and the Left are typically parasites. If a progressive does have a job you can bet your ball sack that it will be in some sort of worthless government department. But ordinary people who dwell outside political battlegrounds are starting to see evidence of this for themselves.

Since Trump won the election we have seen some extraordinary meltdowns by businesses and corporations. One example is ESPN. It was converged by SJWs some time ago and has been steadily drifting towards the left, but the company has been on a progressive tear since the election. The article that I linked to states that as a result ESPN is losing 10,000 subscribers a day.

parasite SJW - Parasite SJWs don’t spend money

What is fascinating is that you would think that they would pick up subscribers as well. After all, Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote so there are a lot of people in the US who theoretically should support a company like ESPN who have gone beyond their business mandate and unwisely morphed into political activism. But that is not the case. And we see it again and again. The Anonymous Conservative takes note of another example, that of Nordstorms which publicly refused to continue stocking Ivanka Trump’s perfume, a decision that has resulted in longtime customers publicly cancelling their Nordstorm accounts.

And the perfume itself? Sales have soared with the perfume reaching number one on Amazon. The Telegraph article I linked to states that there is no such thing as bad publicity but in light of these and other similar events I have to disagree. ESPN and Nordstorm are two examples of that and there are others. Take Kelloggs for example. The breakfast cereal company cancelled its advertizing on Breitbart and chose to make a big deal out of it. If Kelloggs hoped that its virtue signaling would result in extra sales they were gravely mistaken. As The Marcus Review points out the company has seen a $53 million fourth quarter loss which has resulted in the loss of over 1000 jobs.

Let’s be clear – businesses should never be publicly involved in political posturing. A business exists to find a customer and you don’t find customers by loudly communicating to half of the country that they can go and eat a bag of dicks. But if you are going to go this route then it would be wise to choose the side that are not moochers and parasites. Pissing off the segment of the population that drives the economy, has money to spend, and literally vote with their wallets is spectacularly unwise.

Because SJWs talk a very good talk but when it counts they do not put their hand in their own pockets. They are, as I have repeatedly pointed out, parasites. And parasites eventually kill their hosts as businesses like ESPN are discovering.

The best example of this premise in action is the entertainment industry. Hollywood and the music industry have been ramming their SJW ideology down the public’s throat for years now. Finally at the annual Grammy awards last week, one singer had the courage to go against all of her colleagues. Joy Villa wore the now infamous Trump dress to the award ceremony. She made a statement but she also made money. A lot of money.

Her first album, I Make The Static, was released in 2014, but has sold an extra 15,000 copies in two days since the Grammys. Stereogum reports that, if it continues selling at that speed, it could shift 35,000 copies in a week and give Villa her first top ten entry on the Billboard chart.

No entertainment figure has seen their sales increase for publicly advocating SJW ideology. If anything they are more likely to fail spectacularly, with the awful feminist Ghostbusters being just one excellent example. But the one time an artist has the courage to stand against the progressive tide then she sees an immediate and enormous financial reward.

That there says it all. Productive members of society have money to spend, but more importantly they don’t go around talking a big talk. They just quietly put their hands in their pocket and reward those with the balls to go against the grain. If you want to make money on this political divide then there is only one side to come out in favor of. If you want to lose money, destroy jobs, and ultimately end your business then the tide of progressive ideology is waiting to fulfill all of your self-destructive dreams.

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