Genders, Rights, and Freedom of Speech

Genders, Rights, and Freedom of Speech

Below are two fascinating videos (if you have an open mind about this current “gender” issue that is plaguing society…)

First, you should watch this amazingly civil discussion from Canadian TV. It features Jordan Peterson (who came under fire for his logical opinions) versus FOUR people with indoctrinated minds (despite the fake “studies” that have infected our mindset.)

FYI – the clip below show you, despite Canada’s many weaknesses – how much better their boob-tube programming is. Mind-blowing!

Next – watch this elaboration of the previous video.

WHY is this being discussed?

The question everyone should be asking is actually not WHY is this being discussed.

But rather – WHO has forced this topic into the forefront – and HOW so many people have all of a sudden “become” this way?

This was not how it was “back in the day.”

You don’t have 80-year-old people saying “thank God, I was repressed for so many decades…”

This is NEW. And manufactured. By design.

I’m most fascinated at how large groups of humanity can be molded like putty. What an amazing time we live in.

Peace out.

gender issues - Genders, Rights, and Freedom of Speech

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Monday, February 27, 2017 3:43 am

Thanks for posting this. With all the social media people are too distracted to focus on one topic. But this is great. A full interview with a fair analysis of it. It BLOWS MY MIND. How do people become so psychotic?

Peterson is amazingly calm and objective.

That analysis was spot on. The indoctrination centers across the globe have created the army they wanted. Let’s see how long they last or how far they infiltrate.

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