Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day 2017 – March 4th

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St. Patrick’s Day is a special holiday all over this great country – but for one specific community in New Jersey, it means so much more. You guessed it, right here in Hoboken!

Hoboken St. Patrick's Day 2017

The first Saturday of every March is the time of the year we all relish for. The weather starts warming up, the sunshine is out, and the green is in full force.

This year, Saturday March 4th, is going to be a wonderful day for the Hoboken community. In year’s past, we’ve have thousands of party goers hit the streets of Hoboken scouring the best bars this beautiful city has the offer. If you’ve ever been in Hoboken for this special event, then you know what we’re talking about. It’s the phenomena that no one quite understands except for us Hobokenites.

HobokenStPatricksDay.com – Celebration HQ

hobokenstpatricksday.com/events-hoboken-st-paddy-celebration.php is the official home for the 2017 St Patrick’s Day Hoboken Celebration event, some may also refer to it as “Leprecon.”

Hoboken St Patricks Day 2015 March 7 2

Whatever you want to call it, it’s the one day in Hoboken where the community rejoices and shows off green pride all day and night. The city’s top rated bars such as Teak on the Hudson, Mills Tavern, Reign, Biggie’s, Tally Ho, Hoboken Bar & Grill, and more – have joined together and are supporting the community push with HobokenStPatricksDay.com.

The “All Access Pass” package is the only way you’ll truly experience all of what Hoboken has to offer. Gain reduced admission to all of the 20+ participating venues and enjoy the best party crowd in the tri-state area.

The full list of participating venues will be listed shortly!


Hoboken411 has secured DISCOUNTED tickets for readers to take advantage!

Simply log onto hobokenstpatricksday.com/events-hoboken-st-paddy-celebration.php and use coupon code HOBOKEN411 and save 50% off your “All Access Pass.” Hurry up before these tickets sell out!

We’d also like to bring attention to “copy cat” organizers who try to take advantage of this special day in our community. BUYER BEWARE! As March get’s closer, there are some who may try to mimic this event and organize a phony gimmick.

To support the Hoboken community and join the official St Patrick’s Day Celebration movement, add the official producers on Facebook, visit HobokenStPatricksDay.com or call 201-282-6408.

Hoboken St Patricks Day 2015 March 7 3
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Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:30 am

Zimmer killed the St. Patrick’s Parade years ago, so now we no longer have a family oriented parade, but we still have thousands of drunks roaming through our streets. The police department cut back on public drinking summons’ so that it appears that Leprecon leads to fewer incidents. I hope the Mayor will personally be out there next week cleaning up the vomit from my sidewalk.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 12:56 am

We love St. Paddy’s Day in Hoboken! So many fun people and lots of action. Other than one bad year where a friend had too much to drink and got his ass kicked, we always have memorable times. Can’t wait to see our timelines filled with crazy stories!

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