Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving {have you done it?}

I can bet that so many people have engaged in the act of drunk driving in their lives – it’s not even funny. However, the notion of “drunk driving” is only relevant according to “government decree.” Especially if NO HARM had yet been done.

And there are many others.. open containers, etc.

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Driving piss drunk is another thing

Everyone knows someone who has driven a motor vehicle after “one too many,” to the point where they might have needed to cover one eye in order not to see double.

While they made it home safely without injury or accident, it surely was a mistake, and DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. However, back in the 80’s, it wasn’t uncommon for people to “bring a six” and drink it on their way to a Yankee game or concert in the Meadowlands.

Should we have been punished for successfully making it home? Or not getting into an accident?

That, according to the “law,” was blatantly illegal.

So is driving with poor tires.

Or an improperly maintained car.

And being “distracted,” and so on.

Many things have the potential to create deadly experiences – but don’t pan out.

But one thing is for sure – the RISK of financial penalty and worse for stepping out of line sucks.

Cell phone usage is MUCH WORSE

distracted driving is worse than drunk driving - Drunk DrivingWe personally feel the cell phone addiction is 10x worse than having some alcohol in your blood.

And man oh man, I’d be THRILLED if one day they can “prove,” the same way they can test your BAC, that you “used” your phone while driving. With similar (or even harsher) penalties that drunk or “buzzed” driving.

While people would cry about the invasion of privacy, that would improve the safety of our roads ten-fold very very quickly.

Then again, perhaps a breathalyzer is also an invasion of privacy?

is drunk driving all that bad - Drunk Driving

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