Fake Hollywood Deaths?

Fake Hollywood Deaths {Celebritities}

With fake news being one of the many current top buzz-phrases in our world – it got me thinking about what other things can and might possibly be fake as well. I haven’t heard too many people wondering whether fake Hollywood deaths could very well be a possibility.

Once you’ve reached the uber-elite level known as a Hollywood star (or any upper echelon figure; sports, politics, music, etc.) I believe it’s an entirely different world. Out of reach for the 99.9% who aren’t “in the club,” as Carlin once said.

The one thing about celebrity status is, that once you’ve reached it – it’s hard to just quit, or “unplug” from the life you’ve created for yourself. Especially if you were super popular, controversial or had a career that spanned decades. Your fame still means something to someone. Whether loyal fans or paparazzi who can make a buck off of your namesake. You can’t ever escape and “be like everyone else.” Never. Unless you “die.”

And believe it or not, those people in that circle are still somewhat human beings. Maybe staging a death is part of some of their contracts. So they can fade off into obscurity because everyone thinks you’re dead. I’m sure many a celebrity wishes they could make that happen so they can finally retire from the spotlight. As well as the groupies. Or they just wanted to “get out” of the fake, shallow life they were living.

Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher (and her mom), Prince, Robin Williams, Elvis, David Bowie, etc.

Maybe at one time – but next to impossible today?

Maybe years ago, before technology and fast communication – it might have been possible to escape the fast lane.

But I’m realizing that it probably would be impossible to “cover up” in today’s world. Even if you had a super-trusted circle of people “in the know.”

Because it’s just a matter of time, regardless of how much money these people were paid to remain quiet, that someone would let the rabbit out of the hat. For whatever reasons (more money, attention, can’t keep a secret, etc.) But you never know. Maybe it’s still possible to remove yourself from the mix.

Fame isn’t for everyone – even if the money is good. Which is why it’s probably best to do what you truly love – regardless of how much money comes in.

fake hollywood deaths - Fake Hollywood Deaths?

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