Sanctuary Cities: Democrat Machine for Population Replacement?

Sanctuary Cities: Democrat Machine for Population Replacement?

Anyone supporting these so-called “Sanctuary Cities” needs to see the video below.

You know, like the (should be voted out of office) Jersey City Council – who (uselessly) “voted” on some (useless) ordinance or something like that to keep J.C. as a Sanctuary City.

Watch this video and think a little harder:

Sanctuary Cities are just money funnels (and more)

All those dimwit politicians in those so-called Sanctuary Cities are not shedding crocodile tears because of the poor people who need such refuges – no.

They’re bitching and moaning because of the CASH MONEY they’re getting from the “Federal Government.” There is NO OTHER REASON WHY they would put up such a fight.

When these sanctuary cities were first devised, and the government said “who wants to be a sanctuary city… but WITH THEIR OWN MONEY?,” I can bet you that NOT ONE city would line up for that offer. They do it for the moolah. There is no other reason. Dollar signs in their eyes.

So why aren’t all you a-hole supporters of such a nonsensical idea thinking more about it?

Time to shut this racket down.

(Unless someone can offer a sensible and rational counterpoint. Not gonna happen.)

Sanctuary Cities

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