No Hoboken business should close for snow!

No Hoboken businesses should EVER close for snow!

You know how people like to brag that Hoboken is one of the most “walkable cities” out there? But it appears they have a selective memory because if that was the case, NO Hoboken businesses should close for snow. Ever! What hypocrites!

Some airlines are even preemptively canceling flights – which has some merit. But those airports do a great job of clearing the runways! Maybe they’re just wussified.

Also, all NJ state offices are closed as well. They cited the impending “severe” winter storm. Severe? It’s just some friggin’ snow! What, exactly is SEVERE about it? Just have a delayed opening, and allow people extra time to get to work. Sheet, everyone drives an all-wheel drive vehicle these days – why not put it to good use finally? What’s the point otherwise? What lame-o’s!

And in Hoboken, many businesses and gyms have already announced their closings. Why? Especially the fitness centers. They tout “being in shape” and all sorts of other workout garbage in their social media timelines – why not seize the opportunity and turn it into one of their retarded “challenges” or something. No, they wuss-out and close.

snow big deal in Hoboken NJ february 2017 - No Hoboken business should close for snow!

Safety is NOT an issue with snow!

What happened to people?

Is it the never-ending hype leading up to these events?

Or the forgetfulness of how everyone managed just fine for every other storm in our lives?

Perhaps it’s the litigious nature of the world, or how everyone is now scared of their own shadow?

Driving has become super-advanced, making it easy for everyone. That should never be an issue. Plus, people drive so slow because of that big, bad snow!

And for those who say “what about stores that are owned by people outside of Hoboken?” SLEEP IN YOUR STORE that night. Doesn’t take an adventurer to come up with that easy solution. I bet each and every bodega owner in Hoboken will, in fact, be open tomorrow. Those guys are not pansies. Well, the fact that they rely on the income to support their families is also a factor…

It just seems like people get reverted to children – who wanted that “Snow Day” from the horrible indoctrination centers known as school.

We’re treating this snow day as if it’s not snowing. Unless of course, a place we intend on driving to closed down like weaklings. We’ll be out and about having fun – and absolutely NOTHING will stop us. A good day to have a liquid lunch, perhaps? Carpe diem!

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We had a friend for the last week pummel us on our very limited social network with the doom and gloom coming with this storm. It was annoying and we ignored it. Like Chicken Little. Maps, wind warnings, government messages, and more. We came close to shutting him off. But we like him for the most part and decided instead to show him how we don’t get caught up in that hysteria. We went out all day today in our Jeep and just had fun. And sent him 100 photos while he was cooped up in his apartment sending messages about “being safe.” We had a blast. We think he may have needed psychological help afterward.


Many people were scared of this minor snow storm named Niko for the same reason most of them have negative feelings towards Trump. The incessant inflow of BS on their social media timelines.

I see that clear as day. We live in a very fake world.


Everyone has a can-do attitude until it’s not longer convenient or comfortable.

Or there is no app for it.