Bomb threats – WTF?

WTF will all those bomb threats?

I’ve been seeing all these stories regarding “bomb threats” in schools scroll across my RSS reader over the past few months. Heck, they’re always in the “news” it appears. Stupid cops and agents called in, the area goes on “lockdown” and so on.

Never a bomb exploding.

Why can’t they realize that people are so stupid, they can barely do basic math or build something by hand – you can bet they have no idea how to build a decent incendiary device.

So why are these empty threats taken with so much caution?

Do you realize how much waste that causes? Or better yet – how it justifies all these agencies and enforcers? Or how it doesn’t prevent these empty threats from taking place? A circle-jerk of utter uselessness.

Keep that in mind the next (and every) time you hear about this nonsense.

school bomb threats are stupid - Bomb threats - WTF?

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Thursday, February 23, 2017 11:56 pm

I’ll say I’m sick of them too. Not just the schools but the religious institutions as well. Especially Jewish ones. No fan of anyone of them, but this is just weird. My money is on fake scares to get attention.

No respect.

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