Liberal Hoboken

Liberal Hoboken

Hoboken was certainly in the top 10 most HillaryCriminalVoter demographics this past November, right?

So where does that leave us?

But the better question is – how does Hoboken feel? Happy? Or sad? Sounds like a kids book to me.

2016 election map and sanctuary cities - Liberal Hoboken

Notice where the Sanctuary Cities are?

Liberalism infection – how to cure?

When seventy percent of a mile-square town filled with close to sixty thousand individuals have been coerced by mainstream media and all the nonsense that comes along with it – what do you do?

One way is time. That works especially well when you have a long enough timeline – say a decade or two. But that will not work today, with everyone’s “instant access” data portal slabs in their hands 24 x 7.

Another way is “evidence.” However, even hard-core evidence has no impact on people hell bent on believing what they believe. Brainwashed zombies. And “zombies” is not far from reality, either!

Finally – perhaps it takes a blockbuster (and verifiable) “leak” that will turn people on their heads. There are, however, tactical reasons to tread lightly with anything that categorically exposes a fraud that wide and large.

How did you get your political “position?”

See while it’s convenient to label things as liberal or leftist – it certainly goes way beyond that. To inner locations that most people are uncomfortable admitting or quite possibly unable to comprehend or even recognize.

One part is the liberal cities situation. Take a look at that post for more on why this mindset breeds in densely populated areas.

Next are the “invisible strings” of society – which tug people one way or another. They are very invisible – yet clear as day to see. Marketing, movies, tv shows, music and many other forms of passive entertainment. The narrative is out there – and most can’t believe there are people behind the curtains orchestrating it all. For many decades, even centuries.

I could go on, by adding things like tribe mentality, school indoctrination, free handouts, and much more.

But it’s probably not going to change any minds.

Same can be said for any “extreme” beliefs or political colors. US? We’re neither. While we enjoy the character Trump is playing at the moment, we despise the entire political construct in this country and around the world, quite frankly. We’re just watching the scene unfold.

Maybe instead of “liberal infection,” it would be better said as “a country void of free-thinkers?”

When you see such division in our country and around the world, ask who benefits. Cui Bono? Which influential people and groups are causing all of it? And is there more that we do not know? Or is it all about the money, power, ego and control?

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It’s called cognitive dissonance. And maybe the upcoming leaks will shed some light. Or maybe not.