Things that should NOT be “news”

Who has pulled back from “news” these days?

no thanks breaking news and gossipA lot has changed in 10 years. “News” has become comical.

Actual news was never really all that important in our opinion. But back in the day, it had more focus on things that might affect “the masses” in a particular viewing area.

Not “gossip” about some drug arrest (victimless crime), etc.

dot dot dot…

But things we think should NEVER be news:

Political announcements. Like Jersey City Mayor Fulop’s or Hoboken “mayor” don Zimmer’s speeches. “We said this, we said that.” No. There should be a LAW that prohibits “mainstream media” from peddling the words of a politician. Politicians can have their own outlet, media site, or whatever. But it should be up to the individual to go there and assess for themselves what it means. The minute the media puts their fingerprints on those messages – they become parrots. Screw that.

School sports. We’ve already mentioned this. What drivel. Who the heck cares except the 20 parents that have those stupid public school kids on the team anyway? NO ONE! But the continue parroting this nonsense for ONE REASON ONLY. Because “schools” are government indoctrination centers, and they need the PR. What a waste of time and space.

Special interest stories. Leave that to that cesspool known as social media. And if something is truly worthy – leave it up to the bloggers who spend more time vetting things out to determine their worth – rather that a billion idiots hitting “like” while on line at Starbucks.

Local crime stories. Instead, the police records should be publicly accessible for anyone morbid enough to see who’s getting processed through the industrial prison complex. Not “edited” by property taxpayer funded armed thugs. ALL of it should be available. Then this crap would never need to be in the news.

News should be limited to: Tsunamis, earthquakes, and other events that absolutely affect everyone.

The information people ingest, respond to, and get emotionally charged about is nonsensical -and 99.999% of the time has no impact on their lives whatsoever. But it’s still there.

Which is why all of you should avoid news – and engage in more intellectual endeavors and conversations.

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