Rickety and Shoddy

Rickety and Shoddy {things these days}

One thing more true in 2017 than ever before is the phrase “Man, they don’t make things like they used to.” So many rickety and shoddy products and packaging out there. It’s getting beyond frustrating.

Just a few recent examples off the top of my head:

  • Most spring water bottles.
  • Plastic bags of all kinds. From supermarket bags to friggin’ Ziploc bags!
  • Iced coffee cups.
  • Even gallon water jugs!

There are plenty more.

spray bottle breaks after one use - Rickety and Shoddy

So much stuff is thinner, flimsier, shoddier and lighter than it used to be. Like above – which is supposed to be a refillable spray bottle. And no, it’s not stronger and they don’t cost less. The opposite.

I can come up with three possible reasons for this horrific trend.

1. “Using less plastic” to appease the social justice warriors out there (environmentalists)… so things are made to the bare minimum. However, the next one is probably more of an incentive.

2. Maximize profits. By cutting costs (and corners) for stuff like product packaging – companies can squeeze even more pennies for profits.

3. To prevent re-use. All these dopes talk about “recycling” and all that garbage – but I cannot RE-USE any of these disposable things anymore. Anyone remember using a Poland Spring bottle over and over to carry your water in your bag or bike? NOT POSSIBLE anymore. These things are barely one step thicker than a plastic bag. I can’t even open one of those 16oz water bottles without practically BENDING the damn thing. And those thin caps usually spill water all over the place. WTF? We’re using more plastic than ever now!

We solve some of the problems by triple or quadruple-bagging at the supermarket! (must make some enviro-nazi’s squirm!) And we avoid most crappy stuff to begin with. But in some instances (other than making my own) stuff like distilled water is a necessity. My jug from Kings leaked within a week! In the rare instance that I splurge for an iced coffee – I insist they double-cup it – or I won’t buy it. Screw ’em.

I don’t hear too many people complaining about it – probably because everyone just loves bending over and taking it where the light don’t shine. “Obedient workers” like Carlin said. Just accept what they give you.

rickety and shoddy products water jug leak

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