St. Ann’s Curiosities


If you haven’t made it out to the 98th annual Hoboken St. Ann’s Feast yet, never fear, you have almost another week to swing by. Best weather bet of the week? This Thursday through Saturday, with temperatures holding in the mid 80’s.

However, one Hoboken411 reader sent in some random observations about parking and a certain vendor. Feel free to send your “Feast Observations” in! Check it out below.

Parking and Egyptian Sheets


“Did you know that the ENTIRE 600 block of Jefferson street is posted with “no parking” signs, in effect through Sunday, the 27th?

When someone needs to buy a spot for the day for construction or moving or whatever, the price is 15$ per spot, per 4 hrs. In drug lingo, the “street value” of what’s going on there is anywhere between $4000 – $6000. Is St. Ann’s paying for the spots? Has it been donated by the city, in violation of the state warning not to spend any more money? Also, one vendor told me that the church does not provide the vendors with parking???

It’s also odd that no one of the vendors wished to speak about how much a space cost to rent for the feast! Conspiracy?

Here’s a sign on a car parked on the 600 block of Jefferson.” (411 Note: Who reads that sign as “Sausage FEST?” Hahaha!)


And lastly, are selling sheets a hot item? WTF is that?


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Nice job feast-crew. 3 porta-potties for the 1000 + drinkers.


Ok, so they should bring it down to the river, or over to the park? What about the people who live on the river and around the park?

Just do it anyway? As long as you don’t have it in your neighborhood? Even though the Feast was there first?

Yeah. That’s going to happen. Right away.

Your guys crack me up.

[quote comment=”94149″]St. Anne’s is not paying for street parking for the festival. The City Council waived parking restrictions for the feast, according to the office of the City Clerk. That includes the entire block of Jefferson St. between 6th and 7th streets for 24 hours a day for 8 days! Even worse, parking restrictions on Jefferson St. are not being uniformly enforced. Feast vendors seem to be able to park there with a sign in their windshield. And in the evenings when the feast is humming, the block is full of cars owned I assume by feast goers because in the morning the street is empty. So effectively the City Council has kicked the residents out so that vendors and feasters can park. Everyone else coming to Hoboken for any other reason has to pay to park. But apparently selling overpriced beer and pizza has some sort of higher public value that justifies this sad giveaway. Finally, to add insult to injury, the Church itself is telling anyone that complains about this parking fiasco that they are unworthy. Thanks to loudspeakers broadcasting Saturday evening’s sermon to the neighborhood, I was treated the pastor’s opinion that those who question the parking deal are “unrighteous.” I am not kidding. That is what the man said. So there you go. Eight days of bad music in your bedroom, garbage on your stoop, and parking headaches and if you make a peep, you’re going straight to you know where….[/quote] 11thRes – this is EXACTLY… Read more »

[quote comment=”94681″]A booth on 7th Street, ANYWHERE on 7th, costs over 50k, a portion goes to St Ann’s, obviously, but a VERY large portion goes to one of the Civic clubs that you may or may not be able to guess. “Just a taste, Padre, just a taste. To keep things, how you say, civilized.”[/quote]

I wonder if this particular feast was the inspiration behind that festival story arc in that very NJ HBO series?????


mrn122 – I was thinking the same thing. Last night Rolling Stones blasting at 10:45 pm when it was raining and seriously – how many people could have been there? I don’t mind the feast but it really does seem a whole lot louder this year. Has anyone else noticed that?