Today I ate a sandwich

Today I ate a sandwich {and it was not pleasant}

Being low-carb for so long – it has an interesting effect on you. And after seeing that “Eat a Sandwich” video last week – I had to go over to the dark side just to be reminded of days past.

That effect is how you feel when you “carb out.” (I.e., eat the standard American diet for just one meal.)

“Carbing out” means going all out on carbohydrates – and especially BAD processed carbohydrates. Like bad sugars and heavily processed white breads. A real carb-out meal usually has at least 100g of carbs – often double or triple that.

We ate a 1/2 Blimpie roast beef sub with all the toppings.

I remember how I could easily shovel a FULL sized Blimpie sub down during football Sundays years back. Along with the beer and chips, etc. A typical Sunday afternoon would blast my blood sugar into orbit after 300-400g of carbs. And I’d feel (and look) like crap.

Just one half is around 50g of carbs (luckily I ate it at two different sittings). Eating just 1/4 of a sub made me feel lethargic – and hungry about an hour later. Thanks to my memory and built-in willpower, I did not succumb to the urge to peck at bad foods the rest of the day.

Yes – the momentary act of biting, chewing and swallowing the tasty sandwich was “satisfying.” Just a couple minutes of engagement.

But nothing was gained whatsoever except misery as the pleasure of eating was soon forgotten.

I’ll stay over on the low-carb side – thanks, but no thanks sandwich people!

just one sandwich can screw with your body

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