City fires {Newark Street}

Fires suck – city fires suck more

We’re all human. And none of us are immune to fire.

Fires can be man-made: accidental (cooking), carelessness (improperly used space heaters), incompetence (shoddy electrical work) or even malicious (arson).

Or from mother nature, like lightning, wind, and so on. No matter where you lay your head down at night – some fire potential exists.

City fires are just worse – because the bad luck or incompetence of others has a chance of affecting your way of life.

Which is why people in apartments would be advised to practice a fire drill once a year. You know, test the fire escapes – understand where they are, etc. Also having a bug-out bag with essentials is a good idea.

This minor fire on Newark Street this morning just serves as a reminder.

city fires hoboken newark street february 4 2017

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a cat died….to it’s owner, that’s pretty significant.


I wouldn’t call that a minor fire exactly. Significant damage.