Civil War USA?

What next, civil war USA?

(Trigger warning – this post civil war USA contains honest questions, graphic videos, and common sense – proceed at your own risk.)

Man, oh man. Is it not clear that (at least at a quick glance), that there is (what appears to be) a noticeable “uptick” in the divide between “US” as a group of people?

I’m not talking about our ideological opinions – or other intellectual debates.

I’m talking about this nonsensical “feud” that has haphazardly taken place since our last Presidential election.

It’s wrong on so many levels.

– Didn’t happen with Obama – why? Because those that control the media and all that other crap wanted him.

– It’s apparent that those that control the media and most politicians expect their script to be played out exactly as written. Except when they FAIL. They failed last time because they were too confident that they had everyone under their thumb.

You can only control human beings so much. At some given point, they bite back with a vengeance.

Only under extreme circumstances are people fully screwed in the mind.

And while mainstream media, news, politics, revisionist history and indoctrination centers do work quite well for the controlling class – they are failures.

Because to push any further would result in two outcomes:

1. It becomes CLEARLY OBVIOUS that a programming attempt it being made – and people fight back en masse to stop it.

2. You get a totalitarian state – which pretty much cuts the gravy train down to nothing unless you have a global SLAVE LABOR CAMP with violent force (we’re precipitously close to that as we speak.)

there will be no civil war in the USA - Civil War USA?

However – the USA Civil War will not happen

We don’t think this manufactured anger will result in ANY actual civil war.

These pocket protests are being orchestrated and financed by people angry that their racket is being disrupted.

They employ useful idiots to create an illusion of dissent.

However, their efforts at creating an equal “other side” of their much hoped-for civil war will fail.

Because the people on the other side “get it.” They see that it’s fake. There is no true anger. It’s nonsensical to them.

People that get it – will avoid social hotspots and not get involved in the debate. They’ll let it burn out on its own.

These protests will fail to incite the civil war they wanted.

Yes, it’s a pain in the neck, and I hardly believe this “movement” will grow.

Why? Because it’s not a genuine organic movement. While it can, at times, appear to be “growing” in size – it will always have a finite growth opportunity and a limited timeline.

If this was honest, heartfelt anger – the passion behind the movement would last – and grow because of it.

But because it’s fake, financed and orchestrated – it will fizzle out just like that.

That’s my prediction.

SO MY ADVICE to anyone tempted to get involved in this circus – just don’t. Let them burn out and re-huddle. Wasting time or energy in this farce is the same as looking like toolbags during the now-forgotten “Occupy Wallstreet” movement. What a bunch of morons!

Dig through history. Look up the “useful idiots” of times past. You’ll see a lot of parallels to today.

To quote a friend of mine: “Screw ’em all.”

Go about your business – but just be aware. And stay away from social media, charity causes, and other “social justice” events – and you’ll be free of the nonsensical garbage that spews from them.

Have a super duper nice day today!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 10:47 pm

I just saw this post. Fantastic points. Spot on. Not getting caught up in the hysteria is fundamentally sound advice. Why more of us don’t see that is what we should be concerned with.

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