DRUGS – so what?

Who else is sick of the “war on drugs?”

As long as there are no victims – Shouldn’t society let people put whatever they want in their body?

Heck, alcohol is legal – so is poisonous GMO junk food.

Remember to draw the dotted line always – to WHO profits from whether it’s legal or illegal.

On each side of the “law coin” there are beneficiaries.

  • If it’s legal – companies (profit on sales, profit on drug “remedies,”), government (taxes, regulations), etc.
  • Then everything else is decreed “illegal” for the most part to benefit the government (fines, prison contractors, police budgets).
recreational drugs big effin deal

Big effin deal

By proclaiming things are “illegal,” and threatening violators with a gun and a cage – does NOT stop these illegal actions from happening. So the benefit to society is NIL because of those laws.

However, due to the fact that the boring news reports are peddled DAILY – most of our society agrees with the laws, and cheer on the enforcement. All while never knowing who the real benefactors are. Or even trying to imagine how life would be (so much better) without such trivial police actions. Thinking is painful these days, I guess.

This can also be said about a myriad of other nonsensical controls on society. Namely stuff like highway speed limits, the countless bureaucracy on all government levels, and permit fees for doing practically anything on your private property.

Now while we certainly don’t do this stuff (more productive things to do), nor would we recommend kids or anyone else do them. But the choice should be left up to the individual adult.

It sure would be a lot nicer to live in a voluntaryist type society – rather than this class-based one. But there aren’t too many options out there.

recreational drugs so what

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