What do you believe?

What do you believe – and WHY?

The following is both a philosophical and mental exercise. If you care not to be entertained or challenged by the subsequent words – just stop reading. However, if you dare open your mind just a little – continue reading – and you might at the very least nod your head and think a bit more afterward.

Let’s proceed.

How many of you VET your beliefs out?

why do you believe in anything - What do you believe?Beliefs come in many shapes and forms. Probably too many to list and categorize here – but let’s mention a few.

Religion, rights, laws, duties, politics, history, capabilities, etc.

What an individual thinks about any random topic varies beyond belief. And that is the first step at realizing that most people should be asking “WHY?” Why do they believe any of it?

Not saying that everyone needs to feel the same way about everything – but each major area of opinion should at least be investigated just a bit.

A quick glance at various ideologies

In no particular order – let’s dance around a two major “belief” systems that might have some relevance to TODAY.

Religion – Without argument from anyone – religion is by far the largest belief system on our globe. It’s also one of the most deadly. Is it a belief in a higher body, or just an attempt to control others via coercion? Something seems terribly wrong if warring factions of a “belief in a higher being” results in the death of hundreds of millions just because they weren’t convinced your “theory” of why we exist doesn’t mesh with yours. There is obviously something more sinister behind this – and it has NOTHING to do with ANY God, in our opinion.

LAWS – For starters – I have to say that giving one basic human the right to decree the behavior of others is just plain wrong. Even if a “majority” of people said one thing over another. We’ve had this conundrum in our so-called democracy forever. We’re not fans of trivial laws (like speeding, drugs, or other non-victim “crimes.”) But very few people discuss the long-term sensibility of what amounts to a cartel racket of self-imposed tribal leaders stealing from the tribe. Even with the “ritual” known as elections and other decreed statutes – there is little to NO resistance to what amounts to a criminal ruling body over you. They have guns and armor – and they want to remove your guns and armor. Get my point yet?

How many ever ask “Cui Bono?”

Peeling back the layers and trying to find the genesis of all the things out there today is not an easy task to do. But it should be a thought process everyone practices daily.

what do you believe in - What do you believe?

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