BBQ excitement at feast


Oh no! Hoboken411 reader Vincent sent this quick shot in after a gust of wind toppled a BBQ stand at the St. Ann’s Feast earlier today.

Start the Al Arezzo or Zoning Board jokes now.


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they should have re thought the solid white tent at the corner of 7th and Madison. Can’t see oncoming traffic through the walls of the tent. Have to pull out into the intersection and hope that no one is coming and hits you. Too bad that one didn’t blow down.


I could be wrong, but I think since the wiring that is put in place for these feasts is considered “temporary”, no different then running cables for lighting when a movie is being shot in town, etc. and therefore not subject to requiring a building permit, inspections, etc.

At the end of the day the electrician that was contracted to wire it all up thought would be on the hook for anything that occurred as a result of his faulty wiring.


good point…does the city check those tents for saftey ie fire extinguishers, tie downs and electrical? Sounds like a fire could send the crowds into a stampede.

hey does anyone remember the scam that someone ran there years ago? Some vendor sold tickets for a corvette raffle and the raffle never was held.


Anyone notice the incredibly horrible electrical wiring job done above 7th street for the vendor stands?