More on “Milo”

You ever wonder why those on the extreme left and extreme right hate this “Milo” character currently enjoying the notorious spotlight in our mostly fake world?

Well – here’s a perspective people both on the left and right will not enjoy. And one you’ll never hear on “media” outlets on either side.

A quick note on “Milo” and all that…


Public discussion these days seems to be focused on the “tribal wars” that are “seemingly” taking place in our country – and around the world. Left, right – Pro, anti, you get my point. And there’s this “character” named Milo something or another.

I advise anyone who brings this guy up – to essentially ignore him.

You see – as the political divide establishes itself in this country or any other – there are people out there that are not what they seem. And most of the time they’re either trying to take advantage of a situation (for fame, money) – or are enlisted by others to “corrupt” a movement – to sour the REAL message. And I think that’s what this Milo fruitcake and a few others have done.

Especially that RETARDED Berkeley thing. I have a suspicion the ENTIRE THING was staged – ON BOTH SIDES.

Fake manufactured outrage and “news” is not what real life is. THIS is exactly why you don’t see disruptive protests anywhere near a conservative city in the country.

It’s so much easier to do it in a social media-addicted liberal city than anywhere else in the world.

Net-Net: Pay no mind to these phony events and “clashes.” They are not real – and will have no staying power (recall OWS? Where are they now?)

The more people just say “shut the fuck up and go away…” the better. It’s just a matter of time before the folks funding these intended-to-be societal disrupters will have to either up the ante or just re-group for a few years.

But the saddest part of all – is that real honest conversation, intellectual debate working towards a better country is far and few between. No one has any patience anymore.

It’s just too mentally out of reach for pretty much 99.9% of the population – and 100% of the “power brokers” cannot be bothered.

Hollywood may be on the way out – but a new fictional world is being created under the guise of “real life.”

Relocate (and reload) as soon as you can.

ignore milo

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