Restless Leg Syndrome – SOLVED!

Restless Leg Syndrome – SOLVED! {for us at least}

You know how “BIG PHARMA” has their stupid hands in this made-up phenomenon of an affliction known as “Restless Leg Syndrome?” Well – here is a HUGE tip for you all.

We might have mentioned this earlier – but I’ll mention it again.

One possible cause of RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME is by eating CRAPPY CARBS.

Get rid of carbs – get rid of a LOT of health issues.

restless leg syndrome - Restless Leg Syndrome - SOLVED!The reason I say this – is because I had the so-called “Restless Leg Syndrome” my whole life. Until I embarked on the low-carb lifestyle. It went away. Without a doubt. Never thought about it again. Until a “carb out” moment.

However, we did periodically reintroduce carbs back into our lives. But we did low-carb bread or even “ancient grain” bread – WITHOUT INCIDENT.

But as you read yesterday – we ate white bread based Blimpie Roast Beef Sub – and MY GOD – the restless let shit came back like nobodies business. It’s not the first time we’ve drawn this conclusion. It’s a fact. STOP EATING SHIT.

Bread is evil. So is that stupid #ILoveBread video that the grain-pushers wanted everyone to watch.

So mad at myself right now.

Anyone on RLS medication?


Or at least make a conscious effort to profoundly cut the carbs. And see for yourself if that cuts out the restlessness. Sure, maybe there are some “other” causes as well – but they could very well be linked to the god-awful foods people eat.

Never take a big pharma pill. They are modern-day drug pushers. Or population-reducers. Or payment scammers. I could go on…

Shit – my legs were bouncing like a gaggle of cheerleaders after an NBA Finals victory. I have identified the culprit. Without a doubt.

You’re welcome.

avoid pills for restless leg syndrome - Restless Leg Syndrome - SOLVED!

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