Eight things to let go of in your life and mind {empowering}

Now is the time: Things to let go of…

We watch society from afar these days. We collect data, anecdotes, and observations. And here is a nice handy list of things to let go of (just off the top of our head!) You’d be better off doing it today, AHEAD of the “trend” so you can have a head start on a happier life.

Top 8 things that kicking to the curb today will bring you great benefit

empowering things to get rid of in your life and mind - Eight things to let go of in your life and mind {empowering}Elon Musk, electric cars, carbon credits – the entire thing is a farce. Electric cars are DIRTIER for the environment, billionaire “Musk” can’t use his own money, and carbon credits are just another way to ROB others to PAY other people for nothing. 100% scam.

Supporting the EU. Another nonsensical piece of trash. National sovereignty was paramount FOREVER. By glopping all those countries together just turned a once beautiful section of the world into a melting pot GARBAGE HEAP.

Social Media. We’ve already posted hundreds of pieces on why this “trend” is a detriment to society (despite the few good things). Rots your brain. Read a book or two instead.

Loving diversity. While we feel individuals are one subject – grouping everyone else into a plight is not a good idea. It’s too general. Yes, “America” has been called a “melting pot,” but that was when capable individuals entered the country and contributed. Illegals who DO NOT CONTRIBUTE, but just “take” is not good for “you and me.” You need the rule of law to keep things orderly. Canada, Germany, France and every other country and their STUPID “everyone welcome” mentality is KILLING them. It helps the government – but destroys the people.

Gun bans. Our 2nd Amendment was put in place for a reason. And it has NOTHING to do with how “advanced” weapons have become. It was put into place to protect US from TYRANNY. Notice how our very first “governing body” understood that. And the stark difference between that group of noble individuals and today’s group of pandering criminals. While I don’t think a coast-to-coast civil war will happen in my lifetime, tensions are running deep. Mostly because people are indoctrinated with polar opposite views. Read history and gain a better understanding. And not the history being peddled in the corrupted “schools” our there today. Find your own knowledge.

Group fitness. Yeah – way off the beaten path for this one. But stuff like “Zumba” or “Crossfit” is plain and simply a scam. Once you take a single class – you can do it on your own FOR FREE. The reason why “group classes” have become popular is two-fold. One, it is MORE PROFITABLE for the “fitness center” owner. Without a doubt. These types of businesses are cropping up like RABBITS. Out of control. The classes are worth $5 tops. Not $25 or more per person. It is purely a financial racket. Second – they use persuasive psychological tactics, social media, and “rankings” to keep members addicted. They coerce members (i.e., indoctrinate) into feeling part of a “club.” Heavy duty social media updates and other manipulative tactics to SEPARATE YOU FROM YOUR MONEY. That, plus the superficial aspect of “looking good,” and they have a steady stream of open wallets. Remember this: 95% of your appearance is DIET ALONE. Getting that “six pack” is just the last step of the way. Not the entire journey. But I have to say – having a huge tractor tire in your apartment is not so easy – so maybe they’re onto something… (blech)

NEWS. Or “NEWS” is a better way of putting it. It’s CLEAR that almost all “news” is just propaganda. You can also call it “pushing a narrative.” Or whatever. ALL mainstream news (MSM – main-stream-news) is complete rubbish. Even the stuff that doesn’t get ridiculed – SHOULD get ridiculed. Because almost EVERY segment of “MSM” has someone paying for its promotion. Not kidding – read this short 11-page editorial about why you should avoid news – and it’ll shed some light on why your life would be better off. You can thank me later.

Sports. I imagine how the level of America productivity would increase if passive entertainment was removed. Especially sports. While I appreciate how it helps local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores – I have to say it may degrade society as a whole. Because it’s essentially fake. Theater. Fantasy. Cheap. Think about it for a minute. Put yourself in the shoes of a “sports lover” anywhere in the country. Say a NY Mets fan, versus a Texas Ranger fan, versus a Seattle Mariners fan (I had to look up the name – I forgot!). What are they rooting for? People? A uniform? What? How do they get so entrenched in this mentality? Why don’t more of them say “so what?” I shake my head in disbelief every year since I kicked the habit.

So what are you doing instead?

Well – since we’ve kicked all that crap to the curb, here’s what we can put on our resume:

playing the piano as a hobby - Eight things to let go of in your life and mind {empowering}Became competent carpenters. I can build ANYTHING out of wood. Kitchen cabinets. Bird houses. Chairs. Furniture. Anything. Love it.

5-star Chef. I will out-cook any head chef at a restaurant. Why? Because I’m not afraid of ingredients. Or natural fat. No crunchy dry garbage coming out of my kitchen. And we’re healthier as a result.

MUSICIAN. I took a decade of piano lessons as a kid. I’m doing it again. And by 2018 – I’ll be able to play almost any song just by ear. I love my music – and will be able to enjoy it via my own fingertips.

Those are real skills. Have almost nothing to do with modern tech (if I don’t want them to). And it FEELS GREAT. Empowering. Individual. Mine.

Try it. You’ll love it.

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