Cocky Knowledge

Cocky Knowledge is par for the course with the internet generation

Not sure how many of you have sharp “observational skills.”

What I mean by that, is that you can continually collect data from all your (digital and non-digital) senses over a period of time – and come to reasonable conclusions with incredible accuracy.

One key step to this process is having no objective other than observation. Only until it’s clearly evident in your mind that a conclusion can be reached do you make (internal or external) mention of it.

Another important step is the ability to perceive subtleties that are unrecognizable by most ordinary people. The big players being “non-verbal body language,” and subtle signs of a “tectonic shift” of some kind. (As most of you won’t perceive because they’re almost visibly undetectable…)

Googlers are WAY too confident in themselves

A new trend I’ve noticed as “kiddos” become the equivalent of “functioning adults,” is their incredible reliance on their smartphones and the internet “brain.” Yes – I’ve talked that subject profoundly. For a reason. It’s important for society to recognize it.

Additionally – people spend SO much time in an alternate reality (a digital one) that they end up living in two timelines (at least – maybe more).

There are so many “feeds for validation” these days – that most (if not all) people almost become reliant on their digital streams to find value in life.

The “real life” has almost been knocked down to the bottom. Essentially forgotten and deemed unnecessary for the “digital humans” to give a crap about.

cocky knowledge arrogant selfie - Cocky Knowledge

Watch their eyes and faces

It’s clear as day – that most people I witness as I traverse the NYC tri-state area, are consumed by their smartphones. What they do behind closed doors can probably be accurately deduced just based on how they act outside. Times 10.

What are some clues?

Most people have their phones IN THEIR HANDS AT ALL TIMES.

If not in hand – in a close storage spot. Girls in back pocket, usually.

We go to shopping malls – and 75% of the people are looking at the phone. (95% when sitting on a bench).

I see gleeful smiles when they’re “looking” at their phone. They either got a positive “upvote” or are looking at a funny kitty video or clever MEME. The minute they shut the screen off – their faces droop into an empty lonely look.

TALKING to any of these device-addicted people is painful. They either cannot handle “debate,” or are unable to make eye contact. Conversations are short, soulless, or difficult for one reason or another. They’re clearly experiencing discomfort.

(Note: Every now and then you encounter a capable young adult – and we praise them each and every time – they deserve it. Most of the time they credit their conservative parents for their superior abilities.)

I doubt people with this relatively newfound cocky knowledge can be helped. But a good recipe for success is to always assume you do not know everything – and that experience and observation are worth a lot more than just “knowing” something.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017 2:52 pm

Awareness is so important and you’re so right the world isn’t contained in the phone.

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