“The Big Game” (2019 Edition – More Overwhelming than EVER!)

Sports marketing overload is brainwashing! {Again with the Big Game in 2019}

We won’t watch the “Big Game,” happily gave up the sports circus watching a while ago. But still – we cannot help but notice that it’s coming soon. We have to mention it again. It’s like we’re stuck in a computer program. Or some kind of living nightmare of repetition.

This societal programming is so deeply embedded, almost nothing escapes its reach!

Even food shopping…

ShopRite scores again taking advantage of men in tights

Take a look at this year’s ShopRite supermarket circular.

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 1 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

Once again, constant mention of the “Big Game,” as well as “Game Day,” and other football references. Feels so fake.

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 2 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

Why does this game have to tie in so much? “IN YOUR FACE!”

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 3 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

What about people who just want to eat right? Or don’t care about the game? Last year, according to their “ratings,” over 55% of the homes in American did not have the game on! Isn’t that the majority?

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 4 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

Sure – they’re just trying to be “with the times,” but it goes to show you how prevalent it all is. Like a nation of drones or lemmings. Hardly any who questions to whose benefit this whole spectacle is for?

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 5 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

What if these “major” events (which are all for-profit types) just went away? And everyone just did their own thing. Including holidays and other annual rituals. Would something ever take their place? Or would we have just a lot more minor or regional types of events? Or is this just hierarchal human nature? Bigger and better forever?

Hoboken ShopRite Game Day 6 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

We could go on – they tied the “big game” in so much, it’s too bad they weren’t realistic. Like “Horrible Game” hangover and “Big Dump” diarrhea remedies. That would have at least been humorous. But who wants to have fun anymore anyway?

It’d be interesting – with all the “controversy,” if the NFL cannot break the 100 million mark. They have after all, been in somewhat of a decline. We’ll see. The hype machine may be gaining strength again!

Either way – we cannot wait until this is all over.

more shoprite big game - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

2017 Edition below:

“The Big Game” – here we go again

“Football” consumes many Americans for well over six months of every year. Sports channels blabbering about football “mini camps” before the season – the arduous positioning during the season – and leading up to “the big game” called the Super Bowl.

It’s one of the most amazing, well-oiled indoctrination and money making machines in the history of mankind. Maybe only religion tops it.

the big game kings supermarket hoboken 1 - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

But even for the few people who have unplugged from that matrix, it’s next to impossible to avoid having to hear about it.

Every week we pick up our local supermarket fliers from places like ShopRite or Kings.

And of course, the “front page” of these circulars are peppered with “big game” references for junk food, soda, and other garbage to stuff your gullets while hypnotized by the festivities.

  • Football-shaped cookies and cakes.
  • Football field decorated cakes.
  • Football shaped pizzas,
  • I’d imagine sweat-flavored beer isn’t too far behind.

the big game hoboken football cookies - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

Follow orders you worthless sheep!

The messages (programming) are voluminous and clear. Those are your orders from TPTB. Watch the game. Buy the food. Eat the food. Eat, drink and sleep football.

You are only to “talk about” the big game on Monday – and tell everyone what you did, where you watched it, and your feelings about the game (and of course the “commercials.”)

That is, of course, on top of the 100 social media updates you blasted out about your trivial feelings about the game on game day.

But the sad truth is that 99.9% of the participants of this annual ritual do not understand how it works. They blindly enjoy it, just as they’re supposed to.

the big game shoprite hoboken - "The Big Game" (2019 Edition - More Overwhelming than EVER!)

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