The tide will turn

You read that right: The tide WILL turn!

As we mentioned last week – while over 70% of Hoboken voters who turned out during the past Presidential election voted for “her,” we feel the tide will turn. People will understand things a bit better.

Not completely by a long shot, but there will be a significant change in the collective mentality. It will happen.


Competence will lead the way

TRUMP STRENGTH - The tide will turnFor one – we now have a President who is determined and ruthless in righting the ship. Not a criminal finagler who lollygags and dances to the tune of special interests (as well as the slow boiling of the frog…)

Someone who CLEARLY sees what has gone wrong in our country as well as society in general. While a “President” cannot solve many social problems (like the dumbing down of people via technology – that is ours to solve one person at a time), I certainly hope that President Trump can put a significant dent in the “handout” mindset of our mentally-enslaved morons roaming America. Involuntary redistribution of wealth is horrible across the board. Charity should be up to the individual – not government mandate. Just plain wrong.

Our country was headed towards certain doom. Like most “countries” throughout history. The party does not last forever. Maybe, and just maybe – we have one last chance to defy the writing on the wall.

Making America Great Again

In just the first few weeks in office – and was expected – is Trump’s incredible “hit the ground running” ethic. He’s not wasting time plugging the gaps.

And as jobs come back, and more industry (or as Trump says “inDUStry”) stays here – and even more COME here because of the positive business climate – it will slowly augment the level of nationalism in America.

Citizens will be thrilled that there is more opportunity – and fewer handouts. Taxpayers will be thrilled with lower “ransom payments” towards big brother. People will again have pride in themselves as well as their country.

While there are millions of Trump “HATERS,” (because of their programming and indoctrination), it will soon be TABOO to hate someone that is truly making the country great again.

Imagine a group of haters in an area of the country where prosperity was reinstated? It would be like this DOPEY GROUP OF FLAG BURNERS getting shut down by a Patriotic FedEx driver:

Soon that angry mob of liberal do-nothings will be at a disadvantage. Maybe even sooner if funders like Soros just get jailed or simply drop dead from frustration. I have faith that the “disrupters” of civilization will eventually be at an important intersection of life – where they realize that they are not doing good for anyone. Including themselves.

It’s your choice – contribute – or go away

All of those protesters need to ask themselves honest questions. It’s not easy – but in effect, it is easy.

What is wrong with just being a good person for yourself, your family and the country?

What is wrong with sovereignty? Or having a border with rules?

Or giving people opportunity to support themselves?

Why do we all need help from someone else? Back in the day – people – and I mean ALL people provided for themselves. If someone was unable – the family unit usually did the trick. Only in rare instances was a larger outpouring of support in need. Today? Everyone is “needy.” What the fuck?

Trump will sway many minds – guaranteed 2nd term

I predict that as Trump slashes and powers through his first term – that a solid chunk of former detractors will say, “Hmm – this guy is the real deal.”

And provided some psychopathic person (or entity) doesn’t shamefully just murder The Donald – he will glide effortlessly into his second term.

I truly hope that whoever is his successor – was working closely with him during this time of profound resurrection. Maybe it’ll be Pence. Who knows. But I certainly don’t want any of those career politicians we were used to hearing about for the past few decades. They need to go to Boca Raton and retire.

I think we’re on a good track here.

Get the negativity out of your mind. See what great things our President is doing. Maybe the 4th of July will mean something again.

I’ll leave you with this hardly-ever heard tune from Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame). “The Tide is Turning…”

The Tide is Turning: Roger Waters

I used to think the world was flat
Rarely threw my hat into the crowd
I felt I had used up my quota of yearning
Used to look in on the children at night
In the glow of their Donald Duck light
And frighten myself with the thought
of my little ones burning
But, oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
The tide is turning
Satellite buzzing through the endless night
Exclusive to moonshots and world title fights
Jesus Christ imagine what it must be earning
Who is the strongest
Who is the best
Who holds the aces
The East
Or the West
This is the crap our children are learning
But oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
The tide is turning
Oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
Now the satellite’s confused
‘Cos on Saturday night
The airwaves were full of compassion and light
And his silicon heart warmed
To the sight of a billion candles burning
Oo, oo, oo, the tide is turning
Oo, oo, oo, the tide is turning
The tide is turning Billy
I’m not saying that the battle is won
But on Saturday night all those kids in the sun
Wrested technology’s sword from
the hand of the war lords
Oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
The tide is turning Sylvester
The tide is turning

The tide is turning america embraces trump - The tide will turn

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We’re one of the few more conservatives out of our mostly left leaning group of friends. We tend to keep our political opinions away from the bars and restaurants in the city, because that is a recipe for disaster. For the most part, politics is kept to a minimum, for the sake of a peaceful coexistence.

But over the past couple months we have noticed that some normally outspoken liberal friends have opened up to the logic Trump is offering. I think you’re right that more people will switch sides and see the benefits.

It’s a bit early on, but I would not be surprised to see the tables turned in a dramatic way. Doesn’t take much to change the momentum. I just hope things don’t get too chaotic as the media likes to say.

Good editorial.