Stereotyping Millennials

Stereotyping Millennials {unfairly?}

I, like many other people – have been known to “label” the millennial generation.

While it is an accurate label (a group of people generally born in the early 80’s to the early 2000’s), many of the points are worth discussing at least for a few minutes.

Many articles we’ve read – typically identify Millennials as being liberal, or at the very least being “left-leaning.” And that may be true (not sure what the exact percentage is – but I’m guessing it’s at least over 70% – maybe even more in big cities – especially on the coasts).

Our “position” regarding millennials is via the technology vortex. And how easy tech has affected the human mind. Whether it be their political beliefs, work ethic, or their ability to learn anything. The internet, social media, etcetera. Those who grew up without that tech – most certainly have a different viewpoint of the world – simply because of their experiences. Technology is great, but it does not come without significant downsides.

millennials having fun outside - Stereotyping Millennials

Look at the Millennials having fun outside!

Parenting is a huge factor in what a millennial is today

Also oft left out of the discussion – is the role of the parents in today’s millennial.

Left-leaning parents are most likely to have left-leaning millennial offspring. Or a family that has an equal number of iPads at the dinner table.

But there are countless conservative families across the country. They too, probably have left-leaning millennial kids as well – simply because of the tech (and other MSM indoctrination) the kids, unfortunately, had to endure as they matured.

The STRONG conservative families out there were more fortunate. Their children turned out to be upstanding, hard-working individuals. Who learned the “hard way,” or other real-world aspects of life in America and on this planet. Doesn’t always relate to the horrible political climate we had for decades.

I’ve seen farming families who raised incredible kids with impeccable work ethic with little room for nonsense. Young adults who understand the important aspects of living in this REAL world.

So grouping “millennials” might need to be re-thought

Putting all millennials into one group might be a bit harsh. Easy, but harsh.

I certainly can say with good accuracy – that most millennials have a very different mindset when it comes to real life. They are hooked on all sorts of technological outlets. Mostly because of social media, videos, and other garbage online. It is how they grew up.

After witnessing COUNTLESS toddlers at area shopping malls with pods or tablets in their hands to “ease the burdens” of lazy parents is DISTURBING to me. I see fully capable kids (who can walk) get schlepped around in strollers HEADS DOWN looking at their brain-sucking videos. C’mon! Being out and about is the BEST time for a kid to learn and discover – NOT on a gadget!

But I digress. It’s just one of the ways that can negatively affect people in their developmental stages.

Some millennials, however, are not in that “lazy” or “tech dependent” category. And I’m not sure why they’re not pushing harder to re-classify this generalization many of us make towards that age group. There appears to be a growing contingent of “Millennial Patriots” now that Trump is forging a new path for our fledgling country. So there is hope.

millennials having conversations with each other - Stereotyping Millennials

Observe the Millennials having conversations with each other!

Technology slaves are not limited to one group like Millennials

It also has to be pointed out – that Millennials are not exclusive when it comes to the “Technology Slavery” epidemic that has taken the world by storm.

No, most groups of people have been affected (sans the Amish).

It’s just that the millennials have been the MOST affected by this captivating virus. Thus, the negative vibes.

Unplugging from our easy and app-filled world is not so simple to do. Once you’ve become accustomed to the virtual crutch guiding your life.

But it is something that more and more people are “discovering.” As they realize the shallowness of their lives, or that the fun things the believe they’ve “accomplished” via this hollow technology – people slowly awaken – and take the necessary steps to find more solid ground.

Getting back to basics, or “fundamentals” as some say – should be a paramount objective for everyone.

millennials cannot eat without taking a photo of themselves - Stereotyping Millennials

Crazy how Millennials cannot eat without taking a photo of themselves!

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