Cop cleared of molestation charges

6/23/2009 Update:

Here’s an update to this story from last year:

Charges dropped, Miranda re-instated

As you can read below, last year “Bad Cop News” had a story about Hoboken Police Officer Michael Miranda and the child molestation charges against him. He was suspended from the force (with pay) while the case was being heard.

Hoboken411 learned that the charges were dropped last week, and Miranda returned to the job yesterday (yay! One more cop to handle the unruly 4th of July psychos!)

Miranda’s defense team indicated that one of the two girls who accused Miranda of inappropriate “touching,” had inconsistent testimony, and also added that some evidence wasn’t presented properly, so the judge dismissed the charges.

The prosecutors office indicated that the case can be heard again in the future, but offered no confirmation that will happen.

Oh – and while suspended, Miranda also saved a kayaker from drowning in the Raritan Bay.

(note: “Bad Cop News” website no longer in existence)


“Bad Cop News” picked up this story about a Hoboken officer charged with child molestation:


Cop charged and suspended

Police Officer Michael Miranda, 34, was suspended from the force after being arrested on the sexual assault charge by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Victims Unit, officials said.

Miranda’s bail was set yesterday at $175,000, which he posted using property to secure a bond, officials said.

The crimes occurred between 2000 and 2005, starting when the younger girl was only 9, said Hudson County Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Debra Simon.

Prosecutors allege Miranda touched the girls and they touched him. The type of behavior alleged would likely have resulted in the lesser charge of criminal sexual contact, but the age of the victims resulted in its elevation to the second-degree crime.

Miranda was one of the 13 cops reprimanded in 2006 for slacking off on the job.

Can you imagine how all the “good cops” feel when one or more “bad cops” make the news in Hoboken?

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wow…buyouts are heard all over huh. Money well spent!
I will never again look at him the same way. Pray that he never hurts another girl. P.S. I have family in the force & they say the same thing behind his back. My wife doesn’t trust him either & she’s known him a long time. Thank God I moved out of town.


“How do I get my reputation back?” Ray Donovan, Secy. of Labor in Pres. Reagan’s administration (when cleared). He was forced to resign is position before he was cleared.

The charges against a Hoboken police officer who was accused of and indicted for molestation were dropped last week by a Hudson County Superior Court Judge. Last summer, Michael Miranda, a patrolman who has served for eight years on the Hoboken police force, was arrested and charged with sexual assault, after two teen girls claimed he molested them over a period of years beginning when they were both 9 years-old. At least one of the girls who accused him has since recanted her story, according to Miranda’s lawyer. In December of 2008, a grand jury indicted Miranda, 35, with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of child abuse. However, after further evidence was provided to the Grand Jury, a judge decided to dismiss the charges last week, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio. Since Grand Jury hearings are sealed, the prosecutor said he could not reveal what that testimony was. “Clearly there was probable charge to initially charge Miranda, but with the passage of time, evidence can change,” was all DeFazio would say. The two girls accused Miranda of touched them and then asking them to touch him. They said the abuse started when they were both 9 and continued for several years. The eldest girl has since recanted the allegation and the youngest girl waffled during questioning, first saying Miranda abused her, then recanting the story, and then going back again, saying it occurred, said Jeff Garrigan,… Read more »

One turn on grand jury opened my eyes to the boobs in most prosecutors offices. Some must be the last in the class or politically connected. And when the chief proc. wants a case to go down for whatever reason, he hand picks one of these boobs, and the next thing you know the case is down the tubes.


These kinds of allegations are a tough call. While I’m sure there are enough weirdos out there, plenty of guys see their lives ruined by false allegations.

Here’s a story about a Canadian cab driver who had a brush with some particularly childish women…