Marketing is NOT helpful

No – Marketing is not helpful – it’s mind-numbing

American Spirit cigarettes have recently insterted little “mini-flyers” inside each pack. With the typical fancy script font. That use the tried and true progressive buzzwords in them. Sickening, actually that they need to do this in order to make peace with the trouble-makers out there. But in the long run, this marketing is not helpful – it is fake.

American Spirit Progressive Marketing for cigarettes

Just one simple example of this “trend” that companies are “following.”

But the companies that are essentially forced into making this kind of message mandatory do not care (or understand) for the most part.

Because while (normal) folks like us just feel bad for them because they believe they MUST peddle this nonsense (or else!) – they bow down and appease the mentally-enslaved morons who “must have” those messages to avoid a nervous breakdown.

Or even worse, those angry people going on a “twatter tirade” to their equally moronic friends – creating a “viral” event which causes a perceived “negative” PR moment…

[Side note: I think this is what certain people feel is “worthy” these days. Creating some kind of buzz, or attention grabbing event – even if it’s for just a few hours or days. That is all they have to talk about it seems…]

So the companies just shrug their shoulders and do it. Because the alternative is a giant pain in the neck (negative “news”).

ikea marketing

Honest marketing would be REFRESHING!

I’d love for some companies to start growing balls – and stop pandering to the loud-mouth cry-babies. Maybe begin putting what they want on the packages. Such as:

  • “We make a giant mess providing you with these cookies! And you BUY THEM ANYWAY!”
  • “Guess what, suckers – just because these “words” are on the package – doesn’t mean we do it! We gave ZERO to charity last year. It was just an accounting trick! Haha! Everyone lies, don’t you get that yet?”
  • “We’re so rich because you pay 5x more for this organic shit, that we light our pollution-causing cigars with YOUR MONEY! Suck on that!”
  • “Oh, this is golden! Next year’s packaging will convince all of you to jump off bridges. We’d love to do it – because we know it’ll work (look at Fakebook live-streaming suicides as proof). But we need your money – so we’ll just keep it to ourselves…”

marketing fat people

Nagga, Nagga, Not gonna happen…

But this will not happen – as long as “marketing departments” are not only filled with “sensitive” millennials and others who worry about each negative twat or tweet they see in “cyberspace.” This is how the “let’s pander to all weaknesses” epidemic started.

The marketing people of the world have a relatively powerful position… they shape the minds of billions. They used to inspire people too. But after peddling CRAP snake oil and shoddy exercise equipment – they realized it’s easier to just let them be proud of their failings as humans. IT OBVIOUSLY BECAME MORE LUCRATIVE TO LET YOU KILL YOURSELF rather than strive to improve.

I would NOT be surprised if some genius came up with an “All-in-One Online Streaming Suicide Kit.” Everything you need. Razor blades, a simple check box suicide note, some extra-thick plastic bags, as well as all the clean-up supplies like bleach and air-freshener (to be charitable towards those left to clean up the mess you made.)

Reminds me of an awesome Letterman gag from one of his books in the 80’s, where he came up with a brilliant and easy to use “suicide checklist.” I couldn’t find an image online, nor did I have the desire to dig out the book I own (wherever it is). But it was something like this:

handy suicide checklist

PS – that was back in the day you could tell jokes, and have no concern about the “uproar” of political correctness. Sigh. Memories.

Footnote: SJW commercials do not help

It also seems once traditional auto-makers are also peddling crap too – including a once-favorite car company Audi, who reportedly ran a piece of crap TV commercial during “the big game” this past weekend.

Man – this has to stop soon.

“A liberal propaganda piece which has turned off half of their customers who don’t want to be lectured about feminism and the widely debunked “gender pay gap” myth in a car commercial. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.”

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I’m sorry, but can anyone please explain why those fat pigs are appearing as if they’re laughing? They have nothing to laugh at. Except themselves. That somewhat cute chick front and center has a bulbous fatty belly. My d*ck would go inward even after drinking a Viagra cocktail. What a flabby world we live in.


You sound like a legitimately sad individual.

I’m sorry you have to wake up in your skin every day, and I deeply regret sharing an area code with you.


Not sad. Quite the contrary. I simply do not believe in making being unhealthy an accepted and even glorified status. I understand that reserving judgment or ridicule is one side of the equation, but empowering those unhealthy lifestyles does not help. Can’t you see? By making it okay to be a fat slob, you have given those people an easy out. They no longer have the desire for self improvement now that they have a cheering section. It is screwing with the mentality of society to strive for better things. They become happy in their pile of what amounts to feces.


Fully agree. The crap they’re trying to shove down everyone’s throats is suffocating. We’re waking up to this nonsense.We are becoming divided as a result.