Bill Clinton on Illegal Immigration, 1995

Bill Clinton on Illegal Immigration {in 1995}

Hard as it is to believe, there was once a time when both “sides” of the so-called “aisle” were sane (or at least had sensible talking points) regarding illegal immigration. Or “ILLEGAL ALIENS” which is no longer politically correct to say for the snowflakes that have become our country.

I say “talking points” because, most of the time in our recent history – most politicians SAY the things that people want to hear (in order to get “elected.”) What they actually DELIVER – is usually NOT what they promised. Often the complete opposite!

“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” ring a bell?

Trump is president largely because in 2017 – this speech would be WAY to the right of most Republican politicians, not to mention all Democrats. The “party” system is crap now, and most of you know it – even though you may not be ready to admit it.

That is why you need to respect President Trump – and his determination to “right the ship.” Most American citizens do not possess the mental capacity to keep track of the countless blunders (on purpose or not) our country has made via the “elected” bobbleheads that exist because we allowed them to. We were not watching THEM (we were watching the other bread & circus nonsense).

Get your head out of the sand – and take many steps back to gain a better understanding of the crap we all have had to deal with for way too long.

Here is (Bill) Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address. Need I say more?

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