Civil Servants and Social Media

Civil Servants and Social Media {Wrong}

While we are not fans of what social media has become in society (a total time drain), it does serve some purposes in (certain) (rare) specific instances. Some “official” positions might dole out helpful information from time to time. But it’s never ever a “life saver.” Most information you absolutely need to know – you will find out.

hoboken police chief ferrante tweets about football non stop - Civil Servants and Social MediaBut are “officials” abusing their social media feeds?

For example – Hoboken Police “Chief” Ken Ferrante.

He has a twitter feed – which we feel should be reserved for “need to know” information exclusively – related to his position as top civil servant copper.

However, it seems like he’s using what amounts to an “official” feed – for personal and trivial purposes.

Like talking about going to the gym. Or stupid-ass football games.

A mix of police crime reports, honoring fallen officers, weather, sports, and other crap is no way to use that type of outlet.

Wastes people’s time – when all they want from the top cop in Hoboken is relevant police-related information.

Maybe the “chief” should separate the two – and create a personal twitter account for his friends – and keep the official “chief” business – just business related to the people he serves in Hoboken. People who want police-related info only should not be subjected to fog photos and college sports nonsense.

social media waste of time civil servants - Civil Servants and Social Media

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