HillaryBoken {or is it a different affliction?}

As you might know – over 70% of the Hoboken voters that turned out to the polls last November voted for Crooked Hillary Clinton. What does that tell you about living in Liberal Cities?

Perhaps thousands of conservative voters stayed home – knowing it was better to devote their time to something more productive – since it was a “lost cause.” Who knows. Either way, Trump did not have a chance of winning Hoboken or Hudson County. Or New Jersey.

Even worse – Jersey City was over 80% voter turnout in favor of HRC – and Newark was over 90% in favor of the leather-faced scumbag.

In fact – about the same number of voters cast their ballot for Trump in both Hoboken and Newark – in spite of the latter being the 2nd most populous city in the state!

fake obama cowboy hat - HillaryBoken

Liberalism is a disease you need to see

What do I mean by it’s a disease you “need to see?”

It’s about looking in the collective mirror. I’ve talked about the “mirror” before. But since I’m not (yet) an acclaimed author with a long list of credentials in the approved mainstream publishing industry – it’s hard to take someone like me seriously. Until you do.

Look at yourselves.

Who have you become?

Re-read my liberal cities post – it makes sense.

If it doesn’t… Read it again and again. It makes sense.

Our political system has SHAPED society. And your “viewpoints” are an exact byproduct of that “shaping.” You’re a victim. No matter how much you try and deny it.

So how does one “fix” that?

Good question. And a very difficult one, too.

Well – as you’ll read in a post tomorrow morning – understand the Hive Mind. It’s a terrible phenomenon that needs to be looked at. And one that is infecting this country badly. And even some of you that are reading this right now.

Next – is understand the “wealth” in an individual.

Individual wealth. In other words – skills, knowledge, capability, etcetera. Not material wealth.

What do you have to offer the world?

What does anyone OWE you?

Other things like fair exchange, free markets and more are also important.

To fix this quagmire – is to disconnect from your hive mind – and understand yourself – outside of any other group or entity.

Empower yourself – outside of a group of others.

Be an individual. By yourself, without the help of others.

This will make sense to you eventually. I promise!

Just have to see your path. And not via meme or social media timeline!!

Peace out!

Hillaryboken - HillaryBoken

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Monday, January 23, 2017 10:17 am

“ASSHOLE” Trump can’t even admit the truth when faced with aerial photo’s of both Obama’s and his inauguration size?? why are you glossing over this VERY significant fact?? one of his FIRST acts as “president”. Alternate truth’s???? WTF
Comon, 411, your better than that. and don’t get me wrong, i’m NO fan of Hillary.
She, and the democratic national comittee SCREWED Bernie Sanders, and the American people, and that alone is why we have this complete ASSHOLE in the white house. Bernie in 2020!!!!!!!!!!

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