What’s so bad about RUSSIA?

Maybe you shouldn’t be anti-Russia

Don’t listen to the MSM – just realize most of us are just innocent bystanders (or pawns) in a massive game that other people out of touch are playing.

You won’t find reports like this on American networks.

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Friday, February 3, 2017 11:28 pm

Historically speaking, there is something wrong with every country that has ever existed on earth.

Russia, America, and hordes of others. Worse as the powers consolidated.

But today, Russia is the new America, minus the diversity. They have strength because of their desire to stay strong as a country. In America, we have no patriotism anymore.

Russia is very religious, and honors that religion. In America, we honor destroying the fabric that once made us great.

The fact that Russia is growing stronger should provide cues on how we as people should also act. But we decry nationalism here as they say on the news.

What they don’t say on the news ever is that our country becomes weaker and vulnerable the more we stay on this path.

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