“Death talk” is not cheap

“Death talk” is not cheap – what happened to humanity?

You know all the mayhem and “death talk” circulating within social media? It’s an embarrassment for our country.

As commentator Mark Dice says, “These scum are in for a rude awakening once the Trump administration takes power because this kind of nonsense will no longer be tolerated.”

And people are responding with logical examples of what would happen if the “left” was also receiving these maniacal threats: “And if just ONE tweet were sent out threatening to “assassinate” President Obama or Hillary Clinton, the offender’s account would be immediately suspended, and he/she would already be in custody.”

Embarrassing and illegal

This is embarrassing primarily for two reasons.

  1. 100% of the people protesting have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve been duped into those feelings for one of many wrong reasons. Indoctrination, “follow the crowd” (i.e., lemmings), and social media. They no longer have the ability to think for themselves.
  2. There are other “groups” with lots of money funding these so-called protests. They’re not truly organically grown, or “grass roots” as they love to toss around. NO. They are not protesting Donald Trump’s actions. They’re trying to disrupt this because they stand to LOSE something if the “racket” gets broken up. Some of you will get what I’m talking about.

Overall – the pathetic nature of these fake “uprisings” is getting worse. The dumbed down population plus easy technology is turning our republic into an Idiocracy.

A reminder that you might want to understand city living a bit more, and why TPTB likes everyone in one centralized location on bicycles.

Anyone who’s doling out death threats should be locked up. It’s not even funny.

death threats social media politics - "Death talk" is not cheap

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