Trump’s First Full Day

Trump’s First Full Day {Rock On Donald!}

How great is this? President Trump is steamrolling ahead, just as he envisioned!

One immediate executive order was to curtail the disaster called the “ACA” (I won’t even call it that “other” name until it’s gone. For good.)

And many liberal sissies are blabbering on craptastic social media that Trump’s inauguration “crowd” was less than he promised. And they were “gleeful.” THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE these days. Who gives a rat’s ass anyway? He was safe – 100’s of thousands of people attended. It’s not like how baseball attendance that equates to revenue. That number is meaningless. And don’t forget – the weak side of the political spectrum almost always has to PAY people to show up (remember that fraud Crooked Hillary and her lowly rallies? The Photoshopped fake crowds? HA HA – FRICKIN’ HA!)

The pathetic part about the anticipated future – is that those that did not “support” President Trump – will most likely attempt to battle, impede, and disparage a man who is truly trying to make our country better. Any shortcomings in the future should be blamed on THOSE GETTING IN THE WAY of progress. The “disruptors.”

And remember, “progress” is not taking from one who has worked hard – to give to another who has not earned jack squat.

Trump is trying to right a ship that has been going the wrong way FOR WAY TOO LONG. And it would do those in opposition to him, or his ideals, to do a little history research and soul-searching to find the truth. Look to places like YouTube for channels to educate you – instead of just watching things that re-affirm your already damaged outlook. That isn’t good long-term.

No one is perfect, no ball player can expect perfection (even a perfect game in baseball has some pitches out of the strike zone…)

President Trump Signs Executive Orders Obamacare ACA

Trump should be respected as the 45th President – wasn’t Obama?

But Trump – until he backstabs our country beyond reproach – should be respected. And given an opportunity (and time) to back his words up. I’ll be the first to shout “wait a minute!” if some action or decree is out of line. “Political Appointments” don’t mean much until they result in tangible actions. Trump is no dummy, and I’m sure he hasn’t afforded anyone carte blanche authority without his consent. Like many have said – you need some insiders in the beginning – until you can sort it out. Common sense play, in my opinion. “Keep your enemies close” as they say.

And while we despise the entire political system as it stands today (too long to list) – this moment in time is one of the most refreshing in our lifetime.

I gave the previous President somewhat of a chance. I left my mind open for surprises. And after eight years – none of those surprises were in the positive sense. It was just purely bad.

Despite the parroting MSM saying some bullshit stuff today like “yeah, well, he caught supreme bad guy “Bin Laden,” (which further cemented the fakeness of MSM), you just have to take many steps back from the “narrative.”

The proof is “in the pudding” or as they say “on the street” or “in your wallet.”

Let’s see how this Presidency prevails before everyone starts throwing spears for nonsensical reasons. THAT INCLUDES ALL OF YOU LIBERAL DOPES IN HOBOKEN.

Wake up – look around (not on your phone) – and get other opinions. The more you do that – the sooner you’ll realize that you’re just being duped by the world around you.

Have a nice weekend!

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