NJ rest stops to become fresher


Finally a reason to use a NJ rest stop other than for gas or bathroom breaks!


Farm Products Heading to Highway Rest Stops

“Jersey Fresh” brand and other state-grown farm products will soon be sold at service areas along state toll roads, under a bill signed into law yesterday by Gov. Jon S. Corzine.

The legislation (A-553 and S-218) directs the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, which runs the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike, and the South Jersey Transportation Authority, which runs Atlantic City Expressway, to allow and encourage the sale of farm products grown and raised in the state.

“Jersey Fresh” is an advertising and promotional program developed by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture in 1983 to promote the availability of New Jersey farm products. Growers who register with the department’s quality grading program are allowed to use the “Jersey Fresh” logo on their packages.

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[quote comment=”93515″]there is a lot of fruits at the wall twsp rest stop on the GSP. the cops raid the place at least twice a year.[/quote]

I hear McGreevey frequented there.


Nothing beats bringing home a bag of Jersey Fresh tomatoes that reak of public restroom and gasoline. yum yum.


there is a lot of fruits at the wall twsp rest stop on the GSP. the cops raid the place at least twice a year.


How about if the state just grew some fruit trees in the rest stops and people can just pluck it off the trees? Fresh, non?

Otherwise, I’d say it’s too fresh to approach a sales person at the table and asked to see the melons (where the hell is my snare drum already?)


I hope they sell coolers, too, so the food doesn’t rot while sitting in four hours of traffic on the way back from the beach.