Two kinds of hunger

Two kinds of hunger {one is good}

In our years living with the low-carb mindset – we’ve been able to clearly identify that there are two kinds of hunger (at least two primary reasons one might become hungry).

Natural hunger – and blood sugar spike hunger.

vending machines never satisfy hunger - Two kinds of hunger

  1. Natural hunger – is the best kind of hunger. It never hits you out of the blue. It’s a very slow and gradual “message from your body” that it needs food. It never overwhelms you and can be easily brushed aside until you have time to eat a sensible meal.
  2. Blood sugar spike hunger – is the worst kind of hunger. It typically hits you instantly. You could call it “Rapid Onset Hunger” if that sounds better. And it often screams loudly, feels uncomfortable, and causes you desperately seek out remedies to quell that feeling. Usually bad choices too. Like chips at the vending machine, or some stupid cake or cookies. And that process repeats itself all day.

This is why when you’re low-carb – you never really think about food like you did previously. An amazing revelation and feeling of freedom.

Everyone should live with the diabetic mentality

Thanks to modern times (revolutions like industrial, agricultural and transportation) – the human diet has changed.

Besides having fewer local farmers or having to physically put effort into eating, feeding ourselves has become easy and automated. And with that, comes shelf-stable products with high profit margins. And very high blood sugar.

One of the commonly known “general guidelines” to NOT spike your blood sugar – is to limit carbohydrate consumption (per meal) to 50 grams or under. We feel that number is a bit high. The lower the better if you can.

But 99% of meals eaten today all have MORE than that.

And is why obesity is a problem, healthcare is a top concern, and so on.

Treating yourself like you have diabetes (and limiting your sugar intake and blood sugar level spikes) is a great idea.

Even for those who just refuse to “give up” sweets – you can find products that can help. Like sugar-free candies and drinks. It’s a good segue for sure.

Identify your hunger

hunger log - Two kinds of hungerFor starters – everyone needs to be honest with themselves and how they eat.

An experiment worth trying is to keep a hunger log. Not an “app” or anything else. A little notebook and pen.

Only write down when you’re hungry (the time/date) – and how it feels (starving, painful).

Then jot down what you ate last. You’d be amazed at the correlation.

If you’re already starving at 10am – and realize you had a massive NYC bagel with cream cheese and a giant orange juice for breakfast. That is the reason.

Or if at 2pm, you’re already at the vending machine – and discover that you had an Italian hoagie or couple slices of pizza for lunch – there is your answer.

All it takes is a little candid self-awareness to get on the right track of a healthier life.

two kinds of hunger only one is good - Two kinds of hunger

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