Hoboken Green Business Pledge

DUMB: Hoboken Green Business Pledge

I think if any place in town signs up for this hokey “Hoboken Green Business Pledge” – they should receive a sticker that says “I’m a sucker” as well.

“Positive PR?” For what – falling in line with this FAKE nonsense?

I’d be more apt to support a business that gives a big fat middle finger to everyone at city hall instead.

Below is the retarded pledge and survey businesses are being asked to fill out. Surely this will come with a fee at some point in the future.

Hoboken Green Business Pledge - Hoboken Green Business Pledge


The Hoboken Green Team invites you to sign our Green Business Pledge. We recognize that local businesses play an important role in the sustainability and environmental responsibility of our city.

We aim to build a thriving, active community of like-minded individuals and businesses committed to progressive, responsible environmental values; a community dedicated to the goals of improving and protecting our city, our residents, our businesses and our planet. In order to qualify, please sign the pledge below and tell us about something you have done to promote environmental sustainability.

Doing business and doing business right go hand in hand. Most importantly your efforts will help the environment. Additionally, integrating responsible environmental practices and business strategy can be a benefit – to your business, your customers, our community, our city, and our planet. By pledging your support and partnering with the Green Team you will be able to tap into positive PR and green branding to strengthen relationships with your community and your customers. Your business will receive the official Hoboken Green Business branded sticker to proudly display in your front window and/or register to communicate your commitment to green values. Additionally, your business will be highlighted in various forms of marketing including social media, in print, and in-store interactions with the help of Hoboken Green Business branded materials (reusable bags, stickers, etc.).

We know that both residents and business are responsible for protecting the environment, and we are committed to doing our part. That is why we are signing the Hoboken Green Business Pledge in support of progressive, responsible, and sustainable environmental practices that will benefit businesses and residents who call our great Mile Square City home.

Below are some examples of sustainable actions advocated by the Hoboken Green Team:
• Bags: increase the use and accessibility of reusable bags over plastic, disposable options
• Reusable: choose reusable utensils, dishware, and cups over disposable options
• Eco-friendly packaging: biodegradable, eco-friendly options over Styrofoam and plastic
• Food waste: reduce water by donating unused food to shelters and composting
• Recycling: recycling & composting receptacles equal in number and visibility as trash bins
• Transportation: for short trips use a bike share program, walk or use public transport
• Take action: participate in environmental causes (fairs, cleanups, green foundations, etc.)

What is your sustainability goal for 2017? Please list at least one new sustainable action that your business pledges to achieve in 2017, which it does not currently undertake.

Hoboken Green Business Pledge is dumb - Hoboken Green Business Pledge

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