The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind {you don’t want to be a part of it}

Today – we’ll share with you a couple informational videos that you should watch. It’s about “The Hive Mind.”

We are concerned with this thing called The Hive Mind for many reasons.

Mainly because it shows how not only how manipulatable people are – but how detrimental it is to society in general – especially in high-density urban areas.

First is this mini documentary about The Hive Mind from Christopher Greene of AMTV. It’s a “re-cut” from a video he made several years prior – with added information. Very well done, and a shame he doesn’t have a wider audience.

And more recently – American journalist Lori Harfenist (who works for RT) talks about her journey across the United States – and how the “blue corners” of the country try to peddle their own ideals on everyone else. A perfect use of three minutes.

How to distance yourself from The Hive Mind?

Well – there are countless ways to become your own self. But unfortunately, our society of mouth-breathers has devolved terribly over the past few decades.

Technology is in no way helping. Either are the fake news outlets (MSM), corrupt governments, fraudulent financial entities, and corporate conglomerates. It’s a giant crapfest.

But some starting points are:
Eliminate most of your “friends.” They’re nothing but ways to compare yourself and compete. Find an individual hobby. Get good at something(s). Then slowly branch back out again.

Drop social media. All of it. Regardless of how much of your life you’ve uploaded and invested. Kill them all. Use a digital camera and store your photos locally (or maybe a secure encrypted cloud backup).

No more TV. Cancel your cable television account. Does wonders. Also 99.9% of movies. All carefully-crafted propaganda – no matter how funny or entertaining you find them.

– And turn off your phone.

We feel the hive mind is more prevalent today than any other point in history. Not by much – but still the winner. In many different ways.

People just do not think for themselves anymore. It is too difficult. Unimaginable.

Look in the mirror, get back to what is important, and simplify your lives. Our future depends on it!

The Hive Mind - The Hive Mind

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