Marketing overkill in Hoboken

Marketing overkill in Hoboken

Earlier this month we talked about the sham that the “historical preservation” arm of the hokey amateur local government is all about. But the marketing overkill in Hoboken is just pure hypocrisy in the first degree.

All these billboards around town (purely to generate CASH for the city that loves to impede traffic) go purely against any kind of “preservation.”

It’s funny how not many other people can connect the dots of lunacy.

marketing overkill stupid billboards hoboken NJ - Marketing overkill in Hoboken

Maybe because they’re “solar?”

This cracks me up. Maybe no one objects to these obnoxious contraptions because of the “eco-stupid” solar panels?

I think that’s it. You can slap a solar panel on anything, and most of the brainwashed morons would blindly accept it.

Heck, put a solar panel on Charles Manson’s forehead, and boom badda bing, he’s out on parole!

That’s what it’s coming down to from my perspective.

Seriously – why does Hoboken need these sidewalk ads?

Sure – we can argue “marketing” till we’re blue in the face.

But how do these things benefit the community as a whole? Especially if they’re government-mandated?

Here’s the answer if you’re not paying attention:

They DO NOT benefit the community whatsoever.

Advertising and marketing should be left up to private industry. Not government. And not on public property – especially sidewalks. Dumb on all levels.

I know Hoboken isn’t making a ton of cash from this – but they’re like penny-hungry. Any augmentation of the revenue stream towards city hall coffers makes them cream their pants. And gives them more incentive to continue.

Contradicts the Historical Preservation of Hoboken

This is my main point. They have this stupid committee which has the balls to dictate what a homeowner or business can or cannot do, yet they degrade the city overall with these grotesque monstrosities peddling stupid shit like bike sharing and other freedom-sucking businesses.

Proof that there is no continuity at city hall.

The only thing they have straight are ways to screw dopes in Hoboken OUT OF MONEY.

marketing overkill in hoboken NJ - Marketing overkill in Hoboken

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