Look Up: 2017 Edition

Look Up: 2017 Edition

I’ll start this segment in the Technology Vortex series with a question: “Why did God give us eyes?”

The number of people I see “glued” to their addictive portable computers is astonishing.

I sometimes say I feel bad (for them) – but what difference, at this point, does it make? (sound familiar?)

The unstoppable ball has apparently been put into motion.

even grandma cannot look up - Look Up: 2017 Edition

Knowledge, information, observation, communication, awareness

Yes – knowledge is good. So is everything else I put in the above sub-heading.

heads down on phone 2 - Look Up: 2017 EditionBut like the saying goes, “A time and a place.”

The addictive and easy to use aspect of the portable computers we all carry around (and protect better than a first-born) is one of the main problems.

That portable computer has so many “hooks” into a majority of the population – that it has staggering effects.

Whether it’s searching the internet for instant answers – or connecting to your so-called friends, or buying things, or tracking stuff with your IoT devices, or whatever – it’s changing people right before our collective eyes.

Think for a second before you jump on the “progress” or “evolution” bandwagon…

The environment does not have an app

When you take your physical eyes away from the physical world – it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not right away, at least.

But if you spend more and more time “between point A and point B” not looking at what is around you – I think something happens to the human brain.

heads down on phone 1 - Look Up: 2017 EditionYou become a changed person.

Out of tune, perhaps. In subtle ways that maybe even you cannot pinpoint. But something about your true human body and soul is slightly more “disconnected” the more you spend time staring at your digital communicator while in motion.

I see this every time we take a drive around. A majority of all passengers we see while on our personal adventures are heads-down on their phones. Incredible.

They’re not looking outside. At the world. It appears to be beneath them, or at the very least – whatever tidbit of information they’re ingesting on their phone is of higher importance.

What happened to being interested in the world you personally traverse? Why is that no longer “in?”

look up what happened - Look Up: 2017 Edition

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