HCSPCA Memorial Service

7/22/2008 Update:

In case anyone forgot, and wishes to attend:


To honor our faithful furry friends that were mercilessly killed at the HCSPCA shelter in Jersey City.


Animal lovers encouraged to attend

A memorial service has been organized to honor the animals who suffered and died at the HCSPCA in Jersey City. Animal lovers, advocates and supporters are invited to attend. The service will be on Tuesday, July 22nd at 7:30pm at the HCSPCA shelter at 480 Johnston Avenue in Jersey City. The raindate is July 23rd.

Deacon Joe Dwyer from Best Friends will be performing the service. In addition, the public is invited to come with their pets to partake in a Blessing of the Animals.

Advocates continue to work to rehome the HCSPCA cats and dogs following the April 11th court mandated closure. Donations are appreciated and can be done through Paypal at www.companionanimaltrust.petfinder.com. Click on the Make a Donation button.

For more information email companionanimaltrust@yahoo.com.

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