Zimmer’s Vision

Zimmer’s Vision: Pie in the sky liberal infrastructure

“At the beginning of the year, the City of Hoboken distributed an email regarding the rollout of hybrid permit/meter parking zones, as if the yellow curb/red curb wasn’t ticket/revenue generating/confusing enough.

Citing the intention of increasing parking turnover and creating more parking for residents (this has nothing to do with increasing tickets and revenue for the city), this is just another one of Zimmer’s ploys to “Look over there, while the shadow mayor my husband and I build our vision of Hoboken over here.”

Zimmer’s Vision Letter to the Editor Hoboken NJSo when Zimmer has reduced on-street residential parking all over Hoboken by installing bike lanes as wide as car lanes on the main entry and exit arteries to/from Hoboken which are virtually unused, she now claims to want to free up more parking for residents. Comical.

Since her reign as mayor, not only do we have more traffic lights and traffic problems in town, we still have traffic lights which haven’t worked for years (1st & Marshall). On 2nd and Marshall, there’s a painted parking spot where developers were permitted to park when a new building next to the Sky Club was constructed. There are no, ‘No Parking’ signs near the spot, but park there now and you’re guaranteed to wake up with a parking ticket.

Then there’s the genius who decided that the only roadway exiting the PATH/ferry terminal, should not only be narrowed (with on-street parking eliminated in exchange for a lovely seating area on concrete outside of the CVS, which the homeless love), but the paved road should be converted to cobblestone, a maneuver which has backed up traffic during peak commute times. Then there’s the no-show, sometimes-show traffic guards patrolling the intersection of Hudson Street and Hudson Place, where a mere 20,000 pedestrians and cars jockey for the right of passage every morning.

Only in Hoboken could it be intentionally designed to take 10 minutes to drive from Marshall Street to Hudson Street during morning rush hour.

Kudos Dawn, and Mr. Dawn. You’ve turned the once great town of Hoboken into a traffic light-laden, congested, square mile with no parking, to an even more congested square mile with even more traffic lights and even less parking. I guess those idling cars sitting in traffic blasting CO2 emissions have nothing on all the bicyclists exiting the Holland Tunnel using your green bike lane down Observer Highway.”

James Parascandola

Zimmer’s Vision

How do these things become acceptable?

411 Note: It’s mind-boggling how all of this new-fangled stuff becomes accepted by so many people.

If you cannot see how this (what amounts to rape and robbery) of individuals is just unacceptable – then you are an enabler.

To be sold that this will “solve parking problems” without seeing “cui bono” you need to wake up.

If you recall just a few years ago, bobble-headed councilman Peter Cunntingham bolded proclaimed that “corner cars” would also free up 1000’s of parking spaces. Everyone bought that too.

Didn’t happen.

The bottom line is that the city is over-developed. We’ve said numerous times before that if you’re going pave the way for such human being density in this city – then the building code needs drastic changes (to accommodate vehicles – from residents and visitors)

Today (for new construction) the number of parking spots vs. units is about 1:1.

It should be 5:1. It should have been that way from the get-go. But 8 years ago, the dopey “mayor” could have done that as well. That would have helped TREMENDOUSLY. The people. Not the necessarily developer’s ROI timeline. But we have no big thinkers in the mile square.

A five to one parking spot to unit ratio (with provisions for both daily and monthly parking – at AFFORDABLE prices like $99/month) would have made the ongoing parking crisis an almost non-issue. Guaranteed.

There are NO arguments against this sensible mindset. Not good ones, at least.

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