Why sports again?

Why sports again?

We’ve written about sports in the past. And why people become obsessed with it.

I’m still fascinated by the phenomenon.

I think it ranks almost as high as religion. If not higher. Have you seen the local bars and the jerseys?

Even people who I’m on the same wavelength with regarding most other things – may have a “hook” into one or more professional sports teams.

I see it all the time in my rounds in cyberspace. Folks you connect with A-Y, except “Z,” where they “have to get their fix” from whatever team or sport it may be.

why sports again - Why sports again?

The sporting industry is amazingly addictive, long-term too.

no reason women should watch sports - Why sports again?

no reason women should watch sports

Even multi-generational!

It’s like telling someone who is unhealthy eating carbs – and will face a certain uphill battle of health issues, to “give up” the things they know and love.

“I will never give up my bread,” said one now-deceased diabetes victim.

That is how hard-core most sports fans are. From their dead cold hands.

You try to tell them they’re wasting their time making other people rich – THEY WILL NOT HEAR ONE WORD OF THAT.

“It’s THIER team!” is all you get back in return.

not GF material - Why sports again?

not GF material

Even though the roster and lineup most certainly 100% different than it was 20 years ago – they STILL root for that “uniform.”

You ever think about that? They’re rooting for a name and a uniform color. That is what it boils down to. I see that. They do not.

Nothing else.

Fascinates me beyond belief. Even when I look back at my own past. You never realized what was happening. Things changed slowly enough (i.e., like boiling a frog) that you didn’t notice.

But if you look at the 1996 Yankees – who is still on the team?

I don’t know – everyone has their excuses. I no longer have any. Because I kicked that racket to the curb full force.

It no longer has influence over me in any way (other than my voluntary societal observations and the time I took to express them).

“Go Giants?” (Not so much anymore as their “loss” actually DEVASTATED some people! Snap out of it!)

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