A phone-free bedroom

A phone-free bedroom {bliss!}

For many years of our lives – the “phone” (or whatever piece of technology it may be) always came attached at the hip so to say – to our bedroom.

On our nightstand. Plugged in. Charging.

And also beeping, blooping, and vibrating. Pavlov’s Dog.

Took our attention away often. Adjusted our retina in the dark of night.

No more. For quite a while, in fact.

your nightstand in your bedroom with cell phone nearby - A phone-free bedroom

Going phone-free was a revelation


  • Sleep better.
  • Have clearer thoughts.
  • Come up with more original ideas.
  • Have a calmer demeanor.
  • Enjoy a low-stress life.

Those are just SOME of the profound benefits of leaving your phones, tablets (and of course TV’s) OUT of your bedrooms. And we no longer “check” anything online upon awakening either. Just go about our morning (coffee, bathroom, keeping our apartment orderly) before we log on.

The bedroom should be reserved for sleeping – and that only (other than fornication, etc.)

Being in your own body and mind is enlightening.

Easy on the eyes. And brain.

Leaves the mind to its own processes. Not external influences.

Sadly – when we proposed this “concept” to people we know – they shuddered at the thought of NOT having their communicator within arms reach at all times. As if we were suggesting they perform some satanic ritual against their wishes.


can you sleep without your phone in the bedroom - A phone-free bedroom

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:09 am

When this was published, we were the types that always had the phones nearby. At all times. We could not imagine going to bed without them. Almost unimaginable.

Something dawned upon us as we realized we were chatting about things that had nothing to do with US. All external and in no way related to our lives.

A couple days of discussing what it all meant led us to give it up.

We still use our phones during the day, but like you said, the bedroom should really be a sanctuary, and we agree.

An adjustment period was required, but we’re okay now. It’s become acceptable to disconnect from the stream of information. And the relationship has improved in several ways… wink wink.

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