Someone is always unhappy

Someone is always unhappy

Things were different “back in the day.”

Which is exactly why people get upset about almost ANY change in how things “used to be.”

Doesn’t matter what it is anymore. If a new apartment is going up (anywhere) SOMEONE will be unhappy.

Doesn’t matter if (insert store name here) gets built. SOMEONE will be unhappy.

Doesn’t matter if an incompetent “mayor” is elected (MANY people will be unhappy).

Doesn’t matter much. At least today.

unhappy - Someone is always unhappy

So what causes discontentment, really?

For me to be “unhappy,” it takes a lot. Typically – it’s a string of multiple bad events or unfortunate circumstances. Doesn’t happen often, but we all have “bad days.” Other times, it’s the ill issues of other human personalities that cause me grief.

But society as a whole (from our perspective) “ain’t so bad.”

There are plenty of opportunities. Countless places we can prove our worth.

Money, jobs, society, culture

I don’t get why “so many” people are unhappy.

We have tons of places to employ yourself. I see “help wanted” signs across the state.

There are opportunities abound.

Maybe people are “unhappy” because they strive for perfection. Or expect a “utopian” world of equality and ease. Or more realistically – it’s because of the depression that social media causes.

But anyone complaining about society as a whole – has a legitimate gripe, once they realize that there are tons of mentally-enslaved morons among us. Which is why it’s a good idea to avoid most of them.

And that makes us happy!

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